Men dressed as police got 4 highly educated sister after the woman cheated.

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, to find a good man, to build a happy family, is the dream of many unmarried older women. Liu Mouzheng is using this kind of psychology of women, buy fake Jing Guanzheng, posing as police uniforms, police repeatedly defrauding money and feelings of single women. Suspected of a crime, recently, Tianyuan District People's Procuratorate of the indictment liu.

2014 the second half of the year, Liu two times in the market for the purchase of fake handcuffs and police ID card, fake caps, uniforms etc.. After preparing the dress, Liu began to find the target, in October 2014, Liu met Ms. Yoon through the network. He lied that he was a police officer, because he made a mistake, he couldn't go back to the original unit to work, but the former father-in-law was a police chief, and helped him retain the police through the operation. In this way, Liu cheated the trust of Ms. Yin, the two had sexual relations. In January 2015, Liu also grounds to Ms. Yin car loan loan thirty thousand yuan. After

's first cheating, Liu became more and more daring. He pretended to be a policeman in Xiangtan, Zhuzhou and other places. He was looking for a single woman on the social networking platform and marriage website. After winning the trust, he made up various reasons to cheat money. In April 2016, Liu met Ms. Peng in a love and marriage website. Soon after they met, they decided to have a relationship. In August, Ms. Peng became pregnant, and the two married in September 20th. However, after marriage, Ms. Peng found that Liu in the network with many women playing ambiguous. Murder, Ms. Peng to investigate and verify the truth slowly surfaced. In December 16th

2016, Ms. Peng about Ms. Dai, Ms. Hu, Ms. Yin and other people together to Tianyuan District Public Security Bureau Songshan Road police station reported, Liu immediately criminal detention. Through the police investigation and verification found that, in fact, 39 year old Liu is actually a stirring truck driver site, previously divorced. Liu cheated these four women are basically high degree of education, have a stable job. Liu to defraud the tens of thousands of dollars, all squandered. After the incident of

, Liu's family members compensate for the victims of the total losses of 150 thousand yuan. In November 7th, Tianyuan District People's court hearing of the case, the court verdict, the staff of state organs Liu posing as a trickster, sentenced to 3 years imprisonment for 6 months. Prosecutors reminder:

dating platform emerge in an endless stream jumbly, must be carefully chosen. In addition, women dating to say, don't be infatuated with happiness, in order to maintain a rational. At the same time, do not lend money to any other sex easily. If you borrow money, keep good evidence. At the same time, single women are not seduced by uniforms, often real soldiers and police, because discipline requirements will not deliberately use uniform photos to seek marriage. Whether it is true as long as the police, call 110 or to the local police station to check at a glance. In addition, single women should also correct the concept of love and marriage, do not be confused by the illusion of multi gold handsome.

(source: Zhuzhou legal livelihood channel)

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Men dressed as police got 4 highly educated sister after the woman cheated.

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