I undercover the story of four kindergartens

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Liu Qingwei oral interview with editor

Wei Shih Chieh Chu Ming

two years ago, I was in a newspaper internship, Beijing 4 kindergarten teachers as a "undercover". There are "black kindergarten" and more expensive private park, but also a public garden, before and after adding more than 1 months.

I saw a lot of inside stories about the kindergarten. However, when I became a teacher after just a few days, they made their first particularly disgusted thing -- inadvertently pushing children; parents are complained, wronged tears.

the only motivation that supported me during that time was that I knew I was going to leave there soon. In September,

2015, 21 years old, I went to a private kindergarten in Haidian which did not record in the Education Commission, that is, "black kindergarten", hereinafter referred to as "A garden".

A's tuition is 1780 yuan a month, the cheapest private garden in the area.

interview, I used a pseudonym, and the other party did not ask to see my ID card. When I say that my degree is in high school, the interviewer has a satisfied expression - and that's where I've got a high degree. She made no secret of her eagerness, and said to me, "well, come on to work tomorrow! "

had no health certificate, no exam and training, so I was hired.

the second day early in the morning, just report I was taught, "you can't comb ponytail to pan or with, how how to mature. "The principal said," this is to let parents have a sense of trust. "". As a result, teachers born in 1996 will be mistaken for their peers by parents.

" the teacher asked every morning in two rows stood in the doorway, welcomed the children and parents. All dressed in beige uniforms, smiling, "good morning."! XX dad, good morning! "The voice rises one after another.

later, I realized that all the strength was spent in the morning.

I was taken to a class to do with class teacher. There are two teachers in one class: the main class and the assigned class. They are responsible for teaching and assisting management respectively. My task is, in addition to all the chores outside the lecture. The kindergarten is located in a commercial office building with a bright interior, floor tiles and floors, and brightly coloured chairs and tables. He bought many teaching materials: health class, Sinology class and so on.

but actually, the hardware of A park is not up to standard. Relevant departments issued "kindergarten work regulations" requirements, children outdoor activities may not be less than 2 hours per day. Therefore, the formal kindergarten must have enough area of activity space, what is not, can not be approved by the Commission for education. And the "activity space" of A garden is the shared parking area between the community and the office. When the children are moving, the vehicle is coming aside. Considering the safety and convenient management, the teacher will find all sorts of excuses not to bring the child to drill. There is a very fat master class teacher in the

garden, which belongs to the class that can hold down the child in the mouth of the principal. How far is she going? The voice is so loud that I can shock my adult. One of the characteristics of

private kindergarten is that the children are extremely noisy and totally disorganized. Class is not expected to go on. The children scream, the pointy, the thin and the loud.

documentary, "Kindergarten" stills,

work, a few days later, my ears were ringing.

the children couldn't sit still. Some will play in the back, some lying under the table, there are full of classroom run around.

fat teacher has a habit of action: the child did not order, she took the child pulled to his front of son, the next generation. I was particularly ashamed of the action that I was so disgusted with, and I had done it myself inadvertently.

with a small, two children everywhere, everywhere will hit, I'm afraid I said the principal, his voice has been unable to make a sound, I grabbed a child and then pushed. At that moment, I was very sad. I thought I was a very loving person, but I didn't feel like I was doing that.

I feel very funny, just one or two days, began to pull the child. But no way, I can't control myself.

, that's too annoying. I always stare blankly and wander. But, even 30 seconds can not vent, because the principal always called me, Liu teacher, what are you stupefied?!

that's a feeling of exhaustion. You can't imagine the scene when

releases meals.

children are refugees as looting food. For example, a raw pear, can be divided into half class, each person is divided into a thin piece.

A Park meal fee is 10 yuan a meal, basically do not see meat, a bowl of Steamed Rice cover two pieces of potato and cabbage leaves, good luck will have a small piece of fungus. And the recipes presented to parents by the garden are meat and meat, and they are not repeated every day.

the teacher will often give children some plain white rice, mix some broth. The broth was so greasy that I tasted sick. But some kids still gobble up and shout, "teacher, I want more."".

every day, the teacher will distribute some snacks, from the packaging and taste can distinguish, absolutely is the father

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I undercover the story of four kindergartens