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think tank is a raise, to the satisfaction of all things. The enterprise has a good employee, create more value; and the enterprise managers are willing to pay, to give the employees more encouragement, let him / her to share the fruits of the development of enterprises. The overall

raises is positive and active, but may still have various problems, such as salary is not balanced and so on, with a lot of trouble to pay.


several "counterproductive"

raises several such cases, wages are often meaningless, or even counterproductive, "negative" strong role has the following 3 kinds:

employee to resign when a passive of a

employee turnover is proposed, and this person's departure will give the other caused great passive, even in the short term is irreplaceable then, the usual practice is to retain the boss to give a raise. This is a common practice in many enterprises.

employees compare with each other when calming

after normal pay raise, a staff of strong dissatisfaction, or to others and not to add their own, or give others more and give yourself a little, this openly expressed dissatisfaction, may also find old directly on the board. In order to appease the boss, and "outside the law grace", given more pay limit.

key personnel after the loss of a panic

which is very common and key employees, leaving a hard to fill vacancies, also left a less stable team. In order to hold its ground, the boss take the initiative to the people left a raise.

if the careful analysis of these non normal pay, can be found in , these increases made some common taboo, will pay into a compromise and buy.


" non normal pay what are the consequences?

downtown turnover, to pay, to pay each other, and unstable people, these are not to raise, raise the positive factors should be encouraged, but the business management layer to the negative factors of compromise, attempts through to the completion of the staff to buy money.

is one of the reason is very simple, but many businesses are repetitive, often make such mistakes, so that the negative factors in the expansion to the enterprise, the formation of many unspoken rule.

then is bad money drives out good money, the more excellent staff is not in this environment the survival of , or that the more good people more disdain with low.


raise is not compromise and buy,

raise is not compromise and buy, so what should be?

in the enterprise salary system, the salary promotion mechanism must be highlighted as an important core content.

for all employees in the company clearly know:

how to do to get a raise opportunities;

company will regularly assess and review, according to the employee's performance to determine the fair distribution of opportunities, pay raise share.

allows each raise to be an affirmation of employees and a reiteration of corporate values .


must be more active as.

is not a staff request, even under threat of passive behavior, but not owed compensation for employees, an active management behavior but enterprises adopt the established rules and employees based on the performance of the to certain employees, encourage employees to share the fruits of development and.

dual win.

salary increase should not be zero sum game, employees take more, the cost increases, corporate profits reduced. It's because of the efforts of the staff, to achieve faster growth, produced a greater increase in the enterprise incremental part of the share and employees. Therefore, salary increases are win-win, of course, enterprises get more.

for the future.

is not only pay allocation of incremental results, it should be caused by salary incentive effect, and then bring and pay the amount to match the growth performance for the enterprise. Therefore, any increase in pay needs in-depth communication, and clearly tells employees the direction of future efforts, clear performance goals and expectations of the enterprise.


" how to build a mechanism?

5 steps to achieve fine salary promotion

, then what kind of salary promotion mechanism should the enterprise establish? Specifically, mainly has the following points: 5

perfect salary system and standard system.

enterprise first to establish compensation system of classification, which is based on salary mechanism, which should include the compensation has the external competitiveness and fairness of internal value relation between the posts, and according to the characteristics of moderately linked and individual performance in different positions. Without this foundation, what on the basis of salary increase?

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