Decisive battle! "Jing Jing" is about to open the first test, what will NetEase's Yin Yang division MOBA join in?

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youxiputao· 2017-11-13 12:24:37

11 10, NetEase officially announced the decisive battle! The new official website ( During the TGS period, NetEase officially announced the decisive battle to the outside world! "Jing Jing", and this "Yin Yang division IP" MOBA game, but also between the industry and the players caused a lot of discussion. The main interface of

today launched the new official website is "the popular role of elite technical test prior to the big dog compared with

in Ibaraki onmyoji", the first test will be a lot of new content. It is reported that the game will gradually launch a new hellspawn, in addition, the game interface and map operation, equipment, yin and Yang mantra system are compared to before the change and upgrade of the larger, at the same time, "onmyoji" original voice actors will also join them.

inherited IP, "decisive battle"! Ping Beijing "in the original role of architecture based on the integration of the MOBA gaming play. Game player can manipulate large, Tengu within the game Matsuki Douko, Gu was bird God and other game player combat equation.

, on the screen, decisive battle! "Jing Jing" continues the wind and the wind picture of "Yin and Yang division", in addition to continuing the IP style, this style of painting also increases the player's sense of substitution. At the same time, follow the "Yin and Yang" the original lineup also meet many seiyuu, "onmyoji" game player's appeal.

gameplay, "decisive battle"! "Jing Jing" employs 4 heroic skills and 2 general skills. The map adds a fog system to make the battle more tactical.

, before the war strategy, "decisive battle"! "Jing Jing" did not adopt the rune system setting, but chose the Yin Yang system (similar to the gift tree system). In addition, it's worth noting that there is no payment system that affects combat value in the game.

, according to the official, "decisive battle"! "Jing Jing" will officially start the first test in November 22nd. And whether this product is true, some of the players guess before, can bring some differences to the domestic MOBA market, still need to give the answer after its online.

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