You double 11 maxed flowers chant, people rely on cash to earn tens of thousands

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tens of millions of people, hundreds of billions of cash cash ash production, is now being eroded online wallet carved up, and behind this, is also brewing a huge crisis and risks of … &hellip

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source: a financial (ID:yibencaijing)

after the "96 charges", under the line of credit card cash etc. ash production is limited, but miraculously produce a "online wallet industry chain.

cash gray production, is packaged into a large entrepreneurial project, through multi-level distribution way to obtain customers, and even held a conference in the country, pulling the head.

"they like the queen, in addition to self built nests, also sent the ant army, in the batch nest, industry insiders say they through OEM, produce thousands of platform.

billion cash ash production, is being eroded and carve up the online wallet, behind this, is also brewing a huge crisis and risks of … &hellip


7; the tip of the iceberg at the beginning of the month, the intermediary circle of jubilation.

they're starting a new business: cash out of flowers.

summer wind every day to the QQ group, circle of friends, and Post Bar Wangzhuan forum put ads, crazy scraper: "spend cash to chant the interest rate as low as 0.3%-0.6% seconds".

to spend cash advertising business. Fiery extraordinary, every day there are dozens of people with his brother, WeChat, for belt".

cash flow, but also very simple.

users need to download a APP called "cloud payment", and then fill in the identity information according to the requirements, and even need to upload photos with a handheld ID card.

interestingly, before filling in all the information, force to fill in the "recommender" information.

and the summer wind, the recommended person must fill him.

then, the summer wind will give the user a two-dimensional code, after scanning can use flowers to pay. The final money will be deducted a certain cash charge, directly hit the user bound bank card.

"before, to spend cash Bai IOUs, flowers of this product, quite troublesome, the summer wind said, this may need to find cooperative business, buy a commodity, the store had to delivery, and ultimately to components.

and the cost of such cash is very high, intermediary to charge about 30% commission.

similar to the "cloud payment" like this online wallet APP appeared, cash has become very simple - registration, sweeping code, arrival.

because the ants are very strict control of the wind, after monitoring the abnormal, it will be closed, "the channel is very unstable."".

so, online wallet and giants playing the guerrilla warfare, July "cloud payment channel failure," pretty wallet also persist for some time.

this is like a game of cat and mouse, a party in the party after, however, hiding around channeling.

a financial tracking down, found that cash out of the Internet giant, just the tip of the iceberg, and credit card cash, is their main business.

online wallet, has formed a huge industrial chain, crazy expansion, fission in the country.

02 distribution fission

this industry chain is how to form?

, we should start with the underground production in china.

cash ash production, at least one hundred billion market "on this chain of senior industry practitioners Qu Shixuan said, in fact, 1/3 of the net loan, credit card cash needs," a conservative estimate, tens of millions of people to calculate cash, this is a market of billions each year".

and the most common offline line cash, that is POS cash.

according to different industries, the line POS machine credit card rates are different, the general cash will choose the minimum rate of the supermarket, gas station and other industries, the rate is only 0.38.

, but this crazy cash ash, in September 6, 2016 after the union fee changed, suffered heavy losses.

fee changed, the line rate unified into 0.6, the cost of cash doubled faster, Qu Shixuan said.

therefore, similar to the cloud pay online wallet, began centralized outbreak. "A lot of

online wallet publicity, packaging is very tall, that is new payment and polymerization of entrepreneurial projects, but the user is mainly to their cash," Qu Shixuan said.

online wallet cash logic, and the line is almost the same: online, you can find a POS machine business, the money will brush out, businesses out rates, money will be returned to you.

and so, cash flow all flow to the line. Take

for example, some businesses will chant cash, is his collection of two-dimensional stacked in the "cloud payment", users pay money directly into his account balance, to achieve cash.

and credit card cash, is to enter the card number, validity, name, security code and other elements, you can brush money out.

"because the line POS machine unified rate, basically is 0.6, while the online channel complex, rates ranging from zero to 0.4, far cheaper than the line," Qu Shixuan said.

, and this is still collusion between businesses and platforms, shared.

, Alipay, WeChat, etc. because the Jingdong's risk control more stringent, once found abnormal businesses, will derating or shut down, extremely unstable, therefore, the core business is online wallet, credit card cash. In the second half of

2016, online wallets started exploding, racing for these items

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