The former South Korean Defense Minister Kim was arrested once dominant thad settled

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lengbingqiyanjiusuo· 2017-11-13 20:52:59

Kim wide town night vision network data figure

Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" reported on 12 November, allegedly in South Korea during the Lee Myung-bak administration, the network public opinion forces fabricated events before the Defense Minister Kim Kwan Jin was arrested.

Seoul Central District Court held that, in view of the network public opinion is trumped up political intervention forces and events, destruction of evidence of the suspects, therefore issued an arrest warrant for kim.

the court will also suspect issued a former defense department policy room Officer Lin Bin's arrest warrant.

Kim alleged in the period 2010 to 2012 instruction before network commander who carry out political intervention, including the spread of support forces, the opposition forces against the ruling in the online speech.

Kim said, he told President Lee Myung-bak will do to expand the network of army personnel work report. In December

2010 Kim was elected Lee Myung-bak government's defense minister, until the term of government during the May 2014 Park Geun hye.

then Kim has served as the state security office director post, until May this year, President Pu Jinhui was deposed so far.

according to the Japan Broadcasting Association reported that Kim arrested by prosecutors yesterday morning. Kim in 2010 for two years, in command of the army network of forces to manipulate public opinion criticized the opposition on the Internet, suspected of violating the ban on military personnel to participate in the political law.

reported that Kim in the expansion of network forces, instructed the relevant personnel do not employ from when the opposition forces strong area of the applicants, alleged breach of privilege.

further pointed out: "the Korean media reported Kim said in the statement, all he did was made a report to the office of the president. "

according to the" Korean national daily "reported earlier, there is evidence to show that, before the Chong Wa Dae national security chief Kim in South Korea in May this year before the election to" settle "Sade has played a leading role in the process of. After the South Korean parliament through impeachment for park Geun hye's motion, Kim began to ignore the South Korean Defense Ministry decided to promote the early completion of the "Sade" deployment, and from the South Korean election only more than 10 days to start the "Sade" launch vehicle.

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