Ouyang, Nana cried so hard, why did everyone laugh?

Ouyang Nana Zheng Hao Zhang Ziyi film

juziyule· 2017-11-13 21:07:36

know that Ouyang Nana is going to the birth of "the actor", most people are shocked, the little girl is really have the courage...

it is a face your acting stage, by the netizen called "acting mirror".

, so when the program was broadcast, everyone paid a high attention to the fragments of Ouyang and Nana.

all right, let's just talk about her performance first. The

challenge is Zhang Ziyi's classic "my father mother", she played inside the daughter yingzi.

PK opponent actor exactly is the movie male master Zheng Hao, play her father. The story is probably that after mom's gone, dad got amnesia and thought mom wasn't dead.

emmmm" the opponent and the plot, listening to let people gasp...

" and as the masterpiece of Zheng Hao, he made a lot of comments, let the junior Ouyang Nana a little panic.

"the teacher has made a lot of changes, I must respect the teacher, but the sense of confusion is still there. "

rehearsal", Zheng Hao also Ouyang Nana's acting questioned, "no, the child, all scattered.". "

rehearsal", the formal performance of the time?

cut a few clips and you feel ↓

explains to Dad that mommy's gone, "Mom's gone, sober up.". "When Ouyang Nana said this sentence, the tone is very smooth, like myself Nothing...

is posing as his mother again, and look forward to the interpretation of eyes can also be ashamed astringent.

is next began crying ↓

eyes red, misty eyes began, "Dad, mom is gone, we go home. "

", the most impressive part of the whole performance, is Ouyang, Nana cried and said, "mom has been walking for ten years, you sober up a little bit, img_box.". "

"she cried out loud, even a little hoarse...

< of /p>, yes, the most touching, everyone laughed.

even someone read that instant sober ↓


, you can feel this controversial crying cry ↓

want to see it, you know something?

said, huh, the formal performance, no teacher Liu Tianchi taught her alone, the performance investment.

, Liu Tianchi, class= teacher can see at once that she is squeezing tears, and then pointing her out to correct.

" let Ouyang Nana cried out his lines &darr in a forced manner;

are also crying, but Ouyang Nana was in private the performance better than the stage.

"content_img_p" so everyone said, when Ouyang Nana is probably the best acting rehearsal period of the...

we put aside the public opinion, Zhang Ziyi is such evaluation: I think the two of you are doing is not good, said the truth.

Zhang Ziyi think at the beginning to have seen what Ouyang did, Nana explained, "because of its front is a bit like, dad has happened many times in his class..."

" is said half, Zhang Ziyi interrupted Ouyang Nana, "you know, the performance cannot be explained, you don't explain the machine, right? The performance is after you finished the performance, you go to see, everyone's feelings, this is the most important. Without a written, I think this, because I was not dealt with, I did not express, this is wrong. "

", and even throw out the most deadly question, "where is the soul of img_box?" "

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