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recently, the Canadian police released a number of Chinese students lost contact with the news, so that all people can not help but worry. The age of these lost students is between 16 and 20 years old.

Toronto police said, in the past few days have lost Chinese students, with a specific Chinese student fraud Gang, which means very similar: "do not match, the family will be hurt as a threat," asked the students to "hide", and turn off the mobile phone and all social media and they will take this opportunity to his family to the "kidnapped" as an excuse for ransom.

"Toronto police released tracing notices pointed out lost students cheated


< p> news came to make people a little relieved according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation local 11 morning news release, Toronto police said they at 11 pm local time in Toronto at about 4:45 to one of the three Chinese students recently lost contact, 20 year old Chinese girl Zhang Juanwen, she is currently safe, good condition.

13 afternoon, "Global Times" reported that the Chinese Consulate General in Toronto spokesman Chen Zhishan said that the 4 lost contact with China students in 2 people have been found.

however, such an event is not the first occurrence. As early as July this year, Canadian police issued a notice that six Chinese people in Canada called a threatening phone call, and then appeared again.

this can not help but ask questions: "lost contact" these days, how do they spend? What routine fraudsters let these people obediently listen to the mercy, they will be out of the claws to what kind of person? The police disclosed

according to the requirements of chapter Juan hiding

after a few days to open the mobile phone was found deceived

13 morning, Star News reporters from the first release of the new chapter lost news of Overseas Youth Rights Protection and Development Association (Hai Qing) Secretary General Liu Jiahong to verify this news. Liu secretary said, lost contact news was first released in November 9th, the interests of the protection and development of Overseas Youth Federation of Canada branch of the branch to the headquarters of the report, then the news spread widely in the domestic social media.

then, how is Zhang schoolmate cheated "lost contact" for many days, she finally is how to find yourself cheated?

Chinese female student Zhang Juanwen (Angel), 20 years old, Xinjiang Karamay people, studying economics at University of Toronto, this year is reading the third. Canadian police officer Allyson Douglas-Cook told the Canadian media "globe and mail" disclosure after the case said, the suspect asked Zhang Juanwen they hid in a designated place, and turn off the mobile phone, cut off all contact with family and friends.

"chapter Juan paper

fraud officers on the phone in the chapter warning if she did not, so far, she Chinese family will be hurt. Thus, the new chapter in accordance with the requirements will leave Toronto to the other designated locations, and after a few days stay on the ground.

at the same time, fraud and personnel ties to the Zhang Juanwen family, said Juan has been kidnapped by the chapter secret location and ransom. In November 9th, the new chapter boyfriend with his roommate, found that the situation is not good, then reported to the police has lost her, the police then contacted the Zhang Juanwen family. Fortunately, there was no money loss.

when people are desperately looking for Juan text engraved chapter chapter, the mobile phone has been shut down, and stay at the designated place, search the message to the outside world to recognize.

but a few days later, no one appeared to contact her.

anxious desperation, the chapter Juan opened his mobile phone, found in his mobile phone in a barrage of messages from friends, she realized that her family did not suffer any danger, but he was just caught in a telecommunications fraud.

so, on the afternoon of 11, she immediately returned to Toronto, and to the local police alarm.

according to the Canadian National Radio and television news network reported, Toronto police said they have confirmed that these students lost before lost contact had received threatening phone calls.

"they received a phone call was told to find a place to hide, do not use mobile phone, do not contact the family, do not use any network of social media, or family will be implicated in … …" Toronto police officer Craig Brister said in an interview with foreign media. And after the phone call to the students, the fraud will inform the victim's family, their children have been kidnapped, and take this "ransom"". The


to "get involved in money laundering fraud and extortion cases by

multi female students and start

in fact, this incident is not the first time.

early in July this year, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police warned that six alarm in Canada Chinese, said receiving threatening phone calls: if they do not cooperate with each other for "disappeared", the family will be kidnapped, and at the same time, fraud officers will contact them in the Chinese family, said the kidnapping and ransom.

and the "routines", why do these students obediently obey the command?

Canada's local media globe Mail reported earlier that the fraud would claim

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