The world's elite students how to learn? Read it and know why even the doors are not enough to Harvard

Baer Stanford University United States office.

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" that many buddy to studying in the United States is to enter the comfort zone, look at the daily drama shopping happy lying body put this four years passed, but the fact is really so? In the eyes of many people, Americans do not love learning, learning is very poor, Chinese is person to be king, in fact is not the case. Follow the homepage to see how the top students in the world learn

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" to measure a university level, one is its research results, two is to look for the quality of the students.

I think an important indicator of the quality of students in a university is the number of top international awards such as the Nobel prize among its graduates. The world university rankings are diverse, and the rankings vary greatly because they are based on different standards. So far, I haven't seen which ranking is the top international award for graduates. In fact, the academic performance of an undergraduate or graduate student in a university can reflect the educational level of the University better, and can better explain whether the educational concept of a university conforms to the law of education. The world recognized world-class universities, are powerful teachers, graduates excellent. According to the number of graduates won the Nobel prize ranking, the world's top five universities are:

first, Harvard University, 76 of its graduates won the Nobel prize.

second, University of Cambridge, 65 of its graduates won the Nobel prize.

third, Columbia University, 44 of its graduates won the Nobel prize.

fourth, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 34 of its graduates won the Nobel prize.

fifth, University of California at Berkeley, 32 of its graduates won the Nobel prize. I have been to

the above several universities, through their campus culture. Stanford University's history is short, the number of graduates who won the Nobel prize for only 13, but the teachers and research team in the more than 20 people have won the Nobel prize, especially the 11 people won the Nobel prize of the school in the new century, ranked first in the world. In recent years, the competition intensity of Stanford University undergraduate entrance competition has exceeded Harvard University, and so on, the quality of its students can be imagined.

" - Stanford University School of business scene. Outside the classroom, can often see people in knots to discuss what some of the other

in the world's elite seriously, also to cultivate many outstanding talents as the foundation. In 2008, I went to Germany to attend a meeting and visited University of Heidelberg on the way. Only 17 of the graduates got the Nobel prize, and more than a dozen of them were honored by the faculty.

Germany, as well as more universities, such as Humboldt University, University of Munich, and so on, have trained a great number of outstanding talents. Just look at Asia, won the Nobel prize this number according to the standard of graduates of University of Tokyo in Japan, the first, 11 people received the Nobel prize; Kyoto University of Japan second, 6 people received the Nobel prize; Hebrew University of Nagoya University in Japan and Israel tied for third, there are 5 graduates who won the Nobel prize. These data illustrate the problem, and the number of graduates who won the Nobel prize in is a reliable and stable indicator of a university level.

, honesty and credibility are closely related to the success or failure of education, affecting the cultivation of excellent talents. the first trait of a world-class university student is honesty.

, one of the few prestigious universities in the United States, has an honor exam system, and Standford is one of them. This system does not require the teacher invigilator, fully trust the students. During the exam, the teacher left the examination room after he finished his examination paper. The teacher who is far away from the office, moves a stool, sits outside the examination room, the student has the question to come out to ask. The office near the teacher, went back to his office, students have unclear place to go to the office to find the teacher asked. Students can bring their own things to the examination room, including homework books, textbooks, dictionaries, etc., without any restrictions, and wherever you like to put it, put it next to your own test paper.

, this is my student dormitory when I was studying Dr. Standford. The house on the left is my home, two floors up and down, two rooms upstairs, a living room and a kitchen, and a balcony and a back garden. In the middle of the examination, students want to go to the toilet, and even think of outdoor ventilation, no need to ask anyone, nor need to register any. When the students have finished the test paper, put it on the table and leave, and then the teacher will come to collect the paper. Many people will think it won't mess? In fact, this kind of practice is better than the invigilator and the camera in the good faith society
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