One day two heavy news! There are big moves in the army reform

People's daily nineteen Xi Jinping the most non prohibition camp at execution

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" today, two on military news is very worthy of attention.

is the first morning "people's Daily" Eleventh version of an article " " at Camp no prohibition, causing the majority of response.

close in the evening, another heavy news: the Central Military Commission issued prior to the date of the " level leading cadres above the relevant provisions of treatment", implemented since January 1, 2018.

these two things, it is a matter of great military style construction.

"protection" in the nineteen report counseling reader, vice chairman of the Central Military Commission Xu Qiliang wrote: fine style is a hero unit of natural style, the style of a serious departure from the original image loose of the people's army.

alcohol, is an important way to shape the image of the armed forces. In fact, over the years, many forces in this piece has done a lot of useful exploration. First look at the technical level of the prevention and treatment of

. Cement column

in the 39 army in a chemical warfare of the gate, it is equipped with a special access control alcohol alarm . According to the Military Affairs Jiang introduced the staff, the alarm at the gate, the family homes, warehouses, guest houses and other places at the same time hanging multiple detectors for alcohol, very effective.

and the armed police detachment in Baoding city dedicated to the production of the eleven non warning card , require officers to always wear. The drill before, before meals, work time, carry out the "prohibition three Q" activities, and especially the inspection leave training on learning personnel to take the message interaction, mutual visits, telephone and other forms of family management.

in addition, they also put "dry cure wine" into cadre assessment quantitative results, the implementation of veto system . The

system built should be strictly enforced.

in July last year, and even a soldier leave out return to the unit, high precision is found out during the alarm alcohol drinking secretly illegal facts, was eventually ordered to active in advance.

in mid August last year, air force training base station a 4 cadres dinner drink and drive off out. The air force is in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Prohibition" punishment, strict discipline and accountability, given administrative punishment station removal from party posts, the political commissar of the regiment commander is deputy regimental, give station agent webmaster party a serious warning, administrative demerits punishment, the principal leaders of in the air force base was ordered, the security and stability of the TV the conference call for public review.

"air defense" and "safety", of course, compared to "air defense" of the importance can not be ignored. The reverse concept may be more far-reaching significance.

in the military environment, many soldiers in the past has a lot of wrong ideas, there are a lot of misconceptions about the military "spirit".

there was a period of time, there are some social and military health communication, bad wine culture prevailed: to drink as a test the feelings of "true", whether the relationship between the "iron" touchstone.

"when love watching" Three Kingdoms "in the kind of wine chopped Huaxiong story, felt the army should be on the battlefield a battlefield yizuifangxiu charge into the enemy ranks. "Baoding detachment of armed police recruits in the army before Wang Quanming, who think that drinking can reflect the soldier heroism, heroic spirit, such as" qinggongjiu drink, with teeth on the bottle cap, a bottle of drink, felt that, this handsome man".

for the wrong cognition, moral education and positive guidance is essential. The

Navy stationed in Xisha police district will be illegal drinking some typical cases as negative , analyze the reflection at the same time by posting warning signs, small discussion, small speech and other activities, to ban requirements of the heart within and outside of the line.

and the 39 Army Chemical Defense regiment Party committee of each quarter will be named a group and temperance ambassador, Ambassador and temperance unit year-end pinggong awards linked to . In recent years, the 8 "temperance ambassador" is to be commended. In the temperance work first, instructor Wang Peng for 3 consecutive years won the "temperance ambassador" title, to become officers around the "red" and "warm male".

comprehensive strictly

after all, all these systems and measures, have a common starting point is "strong> " comprehensive strictly".

about the "comprehensive strictly", there is an occasion this expressed particular concern. The afternoon of October 26th, after nineteen, the first single public event Xi Jinping, is the leading cadres attended the conference held in Beijing , transmits nineteen big spirit to the military system. At the meeting, Xi Jinping made special mention of "comprehensive strictly".

in the new session, the first meeting, but also to mention that is thick and heavy in colours, the deep.

of course, and the "comprehensive strictly" accordingly, another is that we may be more familiar with the word, called "

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