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Baba Mama knows, or this thing but with our baby daily are closely related, especially before the age of 1 is baby milk as staple food. There are few Baba Mama to know if you really will powdered milk. Maybe Baba mama would say, not rushed to the baby to drink milk? There are so many "learning"? Well, actually have a good grasp of milk skills, you can ensure that milk nutrition is not lost, let the baby drink a bottle of high quality milk. And for your science. Milk raiders.

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1. prepare milk powder. has chosen a high quality and nutritious milk powder, which has already won the first step of feeding. In order to let the baby drink safe milk, Baba Mama must choose a high quality milk for the baby can be investigated from the aspects of selection of milk, nutrition formula and reputation oh.

recommended: American Super Feifan 3 400g, the first through the national register of the formula milk powder, natural gold milk, LH double protein nutrient combination, provide a full range of nutritional security for children over the age of.

2. use a clean and hygienic bottle. bottles are the tools that must be used every time they milk, so be sure to ensure the hygiene of the bottle. A bottle disinfection, in addition to cook for 5 minutes to dry out in boiling water, there is a more convenient way is to use the market special bottle sterilizer, steam sterilization and drying function can not only ensure the bottle, every time we use are clean and sanitary.

recommended: small bear bottle sterilizer, large capacity can accommodate 8 bottles, with steam sterilization and drying function, can control the disinfection and drying time is long, the operation is simple and convenient.

3. first drain the water and then release the milk powder. correct milk program is to put boiling water, and then according to the instructions of milk cans, milk powder, how much water with spoon milk powder is bound to strictly abide by, or milk too dilute or too thick, will affect the baby's intake of nutrients. And the water temperature should be controlled at 50-60 degrees, in order to prevent milk powder knot or because of excessive water temperature destroy nutrients. Put the milk with a spoon stir gently to make the milk melt, can let the baby to drink milk.

recommended: seek intelligent baby milk heating thermostat, choose non-toxic high transparent crystal glass, can be all day long constant temperature, simple operation, can have the appropriate water temperature to the baby milk.

, now there are many families began to accept intelligent parenting equipment, can make more babies and parents get along with the time. Conditional family may wish to use intelligent automatic milk punching machine, 2 steps that you only need to prepare Baba Mama mentioned, set the time and amount of milk to milk, you can easily get a bottle of good nutrition milk.

recommended: Bella than automatic milk for intelligent automatic flushing, hot milk, made of food grade materials, can automatically identify the formula, WiFi remote control, solve the trouble of N milk.

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