Yiwei Zhou circle powder Zhang Ziyi, Hsu Chi wife Zhu Dan also to vindicate

Hsu Chi Yiwei Zhou Zhu Dan Zhang Ziyi

wangyiyule· 2017-11-14 14:19:04

Hsu Chi

Zhu Dan

Zhang Ziyi

NetEase entertainment reported in November 14th recently, a variety of outstanding performance the birth of "show" the actor Yiwei Zhou, let the two chapter sub film goddess Hsu Chi he Jardine circle powder, Hsu Chi Bo crazy for him to play call. Even the wife Zhu Dan also can not help but vindicate, show Bo affectionate.

netizen commented: "Yiwei Zhou teacher really no words, very practical, very attentive actor, but also so handsome."! "I was powdered by Yiwei Zhou too."! "Good actors will not be buried."! "

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