US media: Chinese ship making technology keeps pace with the West

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according to the "national interest" bimonthly website reported on November 10th, Chinese Navy type 055 destroyer has been to feel superior. From vertical launch units to displacement, and even its size, some Western analysts see it as a cruiser.

" USA "national interest" bimonthly website reported that in the screenshot

warships will Chinese Navy play what role? How will it compete with other heavyweight destroyers in the region?

in the media, the biggest talk about type 055 destroyer is the vertical launch unit. Foreign media said, Mk-41 vertical launch system atago class U.S. Arleigh Burke class and the Japanese destroyer has 96 units, and 055 destroyers of the vertical launch system has 112 units, each capable of launching missile.

in the number of vertical launch unit, type 055 destroyer is only inferior to the Korean king Sejong class destroyers and cruisers to Russia and the United states. However, the performance of the 055 destroyer vertical launch system is still inferior to that of the Burke class destroyer.

"data picture: June 28th, 055 types of ship launching. (↑ ↓ slide up and down to see more

Atlas) foreign media said that the current data only lists the type 055 destroyer ship vertical launch system can emit red flag -9B air defense missiles, Eagle -18A anti-ship missiles and land attack cruise missiles, may also launch fish -8A antisubmarine missile. Although there are rumors that type 055 destroyers will be equipped with DK-10 air missile, but not yet confirmed that the missile will be integrated into the ship's message.

in the past proof ability, 055 ship destroyer and a slight advantage than Japan's diamond level and atago class, for which use only "phalanx" nearly 20 mm gun system, and the 055 ship equipped with FL-3000N missile system and H/PJ-11 type 30 mm near anti gun system.

" Japan diamond class destroyer (JMSDF website)

foreign media said, compared with the previous China destroyers, system integration is a type 055 destroyer another improved. Although this may be similar to the will be integrated into the Arleigh Burke class destroyers of the Navy integrated fire control - air defense capability, but this is unlikely.

more precisely, it seems to focus on the destroyer as a naval task force flagship potential in type 055, type 052D or command is likely related with combat destroyers, and provide information for the target. reported that, according to some Chinese military observers said, endurance type 055 destroyer has increased, which will make it can act as a new carrier for the convoy.

"Arleigh Burke class destroyer

U.S. media commented that but high-end destroyers, the United States and its regional partners still have two aspects of quality and quantity advantage. Japan and South Korea destroyers with mature aegis radar system, and integrated design according to their own demand for advanced anti-ship missile. Japan destroyers were also equipped with the proven ESSM ship to air missile.

in number, South Korea currently has 3 aircraft Sejong class destroyers, the Japanese 2 atago class destroyers in service. And the 055 destroyer only launched one.

"King Sejong class destroyer (Wikipedia

) the current uncertainty is the United States, South Korea and Japan can keep up with the pace of China shipbuilding industry. has 4 other 055 type ships under construction. China has proven to be able to build ships close to Western standards. use of the resources at hand, Chinese can in a short period of time in holding a mature fleet. At the completion of its first aircraft carrier, the Chinese Navy seems to be modernizing rapidly,

. Although the type 055 destroyer itself is not a magic ship, it indicates that China's advanced shipbuilding technology can almost keep pace with the new era of Western powers.

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