Foreign media: China test new armored vehicles began to learn from western experience

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data figure: the type 92 infantry fighting vehicles

[global network reported on November 14th military] according to the American strategy page website reported on November 9th, mid 2017, a new Chinese 6 * 6 armored car photos that Chinese began to flow out, is testing a the new basic vehicle design to replace the 92 infantry chariot century at the beginning of the 90s column series. Photos of

's new 6 x 6 vehicle show that China is gradually abandoning its long used Russian chariot design and turning to the western developed models. This new 6 * 6 Swiss Mowage company seems to be the latest version of the "scissors fish" have a lot in common. "Scissors fish" debuted in the early 70s of the last century, and has evolved since then. There are two types of scissors fish used in the United States, first in the 80s of the last century LAV (for Marine Corps), and then 20 years later, the "three dragon" armored car.

reported that Chinese has been paying attention to the use of "Stryker" and LAV wheeled chariot made in Iraq and Afghanistan successfully. Chinese designers finally concluded that the spacious interior layout of the western style vehicles is indeed useful, and its 09 infantry chariot (ZBL-09) and all kinds of electronic equipment installed on the car fully explain the Chinese understanding of things. The Chinese also noticed that it was easier to set up a large (100 mm) gun on a Western wheeled armored vehicle. The extra space makes it possible for many functions, and China is trying most of it. The unnamed new 6 x 6 vehicles in 2017 seem to be in order to meet these needs. With more internal space, more models can be developed, making the basic model more attractive to export customers.

reported that China's equipment for mechanized infantry troops was gradually modernized as far as equipment, weapons and training were concerned. This is part of China's efforts to modernize its army.

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