Luhan angrily: cattle earn this money you feel it

Cattle original sound event Shanghai Airport

fenghuangyule· 2016-05-13 15:33:33

netizens said that behind the move Luhan: "from his works a little closer, farther away from his life! Star is also a person, but also requires private space! "

Luhan complete the following dialogue:

can you give me a little space? Do you want me to kneel down? Hello, do you mean? Every day to close others money with the car you cool? Or I'll follow you every day. Last time I told you that I didn't tell you to stop with me. I didn't tell you the last time. I have a picture. I keep it. Or I'll show you. You and your buddies say where I am now. (fan: I'm sorry, I'm sorry.) You wait a little, wait a minute. I'll talk to him first. You really don't think you're in danger, you're taking them. You are not afraid of an accident ah? No matter whether it is not an accident, you are not a violation of the rules I ask you! The car is out of the trouble you are in charge of it! I asked you! Are you in charge of a man? You earn this money every day you in the mind an ah? You sleep well? You got them all down! And the bald man also sent micro-blog I have seen. Is not particularly proud of? Every day with all kinds of stars is not particularly proud of? In fact, with the dog, you know? I called you to mess with you? I asked you, I move you to provoke you every day with me!

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