Cao Yunjin: never denied love Elanne Kwong

Elanne Kwong love never comedian

wangyiyule· 2016-05-13 15:33:41

statement screenshot < p > Netease Entertainment on May 13 reported recently, comedian Cao Yunjin and Hong Kong actress Elanne love being exposed, two people not only was photographed shopping together, go home, also be witnessed and Cao Yunjin mother together shopping, Cao Yunjin is specially to Elanne send a kiss, materializes the relationship, causing netizen heat to discuss this on the "mashup CP". < romance after exposure, Cao Yunjin interview about romance, revealed that for his girlfriend to cook in the kitchen, between words behave very sweet. But Cao Yunjin himself in micro-blog ridicule "that is my twin brother Cao Yunyin, but was denied the affair of the Hong Kong media misreading. May 13, Cao Yunjin issued a statement, I love Elanne, never denied the affair, thank everyone's blessing and care, must have a good business this section of sentiment, do not want to self ridicule caused a misunderstanding, I hope everybody to give room for two, pay attention to work. < p > statement reads as follows: < since May 11, Cao Yunjin and Elanne romance was media exposure, has been very grateful to the public and media friends care, love, also received many blessings, today, see news and speech said "Cao Yunjin denied and Jiang Ruolin romance". Here, Cao Yunjin through the studio seriously said: "never denied the affair, love Elanne" < p > reply to "twin brother Cao Yunyin" of the, causing the misunderstanding, Cao Yunjin said: blame their own love to make fun of the way of communication, is purely funny response, when interviewed by the media said himself, for this part of the romance of private life, actually never avoid, so and Elanne children together, very happy, very happy, we will carefully manage this sentiment. "< p > here, Cao Yunjin studio would also like to thank you the support and love of Elanne and Cao Yunjin, also hope everybody to give two space, ushered in the feelings of sweet at the same time, the development of good career, to bring you good works and more happiness.

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