The big message came from the central bank, and the tenants were crying

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21caiwenhui· 2017-11-14 21:42:16

yesterday (November 13th) afternoon, there was big news from the central bank!

do not underestimate the determination of national deleveraging. The end of 10, the broad sense of currency (M2) balance of 165 trillion and 340 billion yuan, an increase of 8.8%, the growth rate hit a new low again. At the same time, the new RMB loans and social financing scale is not as expected. This makes the small partners on the market all stunned.

this is the lowest historical value, and for the prediction of the growth rate of money, we all think how should be around 9.2%, did not expect so much lower.

M1 grew by 13% last month, lower than 1 percentage points, if compared with the same period last year, down 10.9 percentage points, the month the central bank net return of funds reached 151 billion 800 million yuan.

" earlier, most speculators dare to use leverage, leveraging the large sums of money into the property market, an important judgment is that the printing press China will brush out more money, rising, rising house prices.

however, 8.8% of the data today hit the faces of the speculators.

if the light M2 growth rate of decline, is not all that, several other news, more that the countries to curb housing prices decisive attitude.

1, the Ministry of land launched a storm of rectification, and severely crack down on hoarding land.

recently, the Ministry of land and resources on the implementation of the residential land transfer contract inspection, inspection range includes 70 large and medium-sized cities and hot cities Suzhou city. What does

check? Is the last 4 years, residential land sold in the implementation of the contract, especially the examination did not start on time and complete the land idle, clutching, causing the market housing scarcity, thereby pushing up land and housing act.

can imagine, to combat hoarding speculation, direct consequences, that is, the supply of land market will increase, the supply of housing will further increase. Rare things are precious. More land supply, housing prices decline naturally!

, after all, residential land is guaranteed to live, can not be used to speculation hoarding!

2 bank, and then a heavy

according to the latest authoritative statistics on the property market, in October 2017 the first home loan interest rates go up 19.37% compared to the same period last year.

first suite mortgage interest rate rose 20% of the city, there are many, such as Hefei. Individual banks even stop lending; Beijing first suite up 20%; Nanjing has stopped commercial office loan business, the first Residential Suites up 20%.

other first suite mortgage interest rates up 20% of the city and Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Ningbo, Qingdao, Suzhou and so on.

housing loan amount is tight, the shortage of funds, the cost of fried tenants increased, and can not find the right access knight, a tough "bitter day" to come!

3, some of the three line of the city, the purchase of restricted

upgrade to Quanzhou as an example, in addition to the previous several hot plate purchase, recently, up Mongolia Development Zone, Luojiang District, Huian County, Taiwan District Wanan street, yellow town of these regions also join the purchase.

not only limited purchase, but also limit the sale of overweight. Quanzhou provisions: non family residence in Quanzhou across the city in the household and the Quanzhou city level, county new purchase of real estate, real property shall obtain a license for 5 years before the transfer.

4, purchase and lease continue to strongly promote

to Shenzhen as an example. In November 10th, Shenzhen City, the first "rent not buy" to residential land, the next 70 years, the rental housing and commercial housing developers, holding their own, may not sell, transfer! The houses like

will continue in the future: only by June next year, Shenzhen will launch 7 pieces of rental housing.

from the previous "home ownership" to the current "housing", the country's mission is to make people live well, the market structure has changed: the lease has become the new trend become represent the general trend!

when many people take the risk of leverage into the property market, quietly, house prices inflection point appeared!

11 at the beginning of the month, E-House Research Institute published data, 4 first-tier cities in September 2017 and October new residential total turnover of 3 million 340 thousand square meters, 7 million 80 thousand square meters compared to the same period last year fell by 52.82%, a record low since 2008.

is precisely, recently, Yanjiao housing prices plummeted attracted the attention of gf! The price was like a raging fire in Yanjiao, due to Beijing, half a year ago, still bustling crowded Yanjiao sales street, now six months fell more than 2/3, but still No one shows any interest in.

1, over the past 8 months, with March and June in Hebei area of Langfang Province, two times the introduction of strict restriction policy, Yanjiao second-hand housing prices generally fell 10 thousand yuan, the local agency said, many investors have lost Shoufu "".

3, individual projects even plummeted 2/3. Second-hand apartments, Ocean City four generations price 12 thousand -1.3 million, compared to the high of 30 thousand yuan in April has fallen by 2/3, which is about 67%.

3. intermediary street only signs. Half a year ago, still bustling crowded Yanjiao sales street, is now, No one shows any interest in a deserted house.

rough statistics, now Beijing Elm Street, real estate intermediary shop vacancy rate can reach more than 50%, once the crowds "intermediary Street" has only in the purchase under the weight of. When

reporters came to Yanjiao in July and August, many agencies told the people who had come to ask that prices had already passed

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