Jia Yueting was unable to fulfill the loan commitment lawyer: investors owe a reasonable explanation.

Jia Yueting music LETV cars

yangguangwang· 2017-11-14 21:42:35

" CNR network Beijing on November 14th news (reporter Liu Nan) according to voice of the economy, "the world of finance" reported that two years ago, when he was chairman of the music Jia Yueting and sister Jia Yuefang high holdings of company stock, profit nearly 10 billion yuan, and promised to lend all the funds for free LETV, period of not less than 5 years. Now these funds have been quietly pumping away. Now at stake LETV, should take the money back? How did Jia Yueting respond in the United States?

personal financial crisis aggravated promised unable to fulfill the

for funds, LETV in September 20th this year and 21 days, were sent a letter to Jia Yueting and his sister Jia Yuefang, asking them to implement loan commitments. 2 months later, Jia's sister finally made a reply. They said in reply, because the music system and its own unlisted financial crisis continued to increase, has been unable to continue to perform the interest free loans to the listed company's commitment.

money, it seems that in a considerable period of time is not able to get back, as the music as if it will pursue debt to Jia Yueting? In the interview, LETV insiders said clearly, Jia Yueting does not owe the company money: "we asked him to continue to fulfill its commitments, and he is not on our existing debt, this is not the same as nature. According to his current situation, there may be some risks, but the specific circumstances, but also to the financial sector to understand. "

shortage of funds?" Mortgage real estate? Investors need to explain the

and LETV holding responsible person still hope that Jia Yueting is a man of honor, to help solve the debt problem as the holding and moving music. But in the United States, Jia Yueting said in an interview: "the family is understood now even 10 million yuan did not have all of the property mortgage loans. "Even his wife's bank card was frozen.

the next question is: Jia Yueting can not fulfill his promise, whether he should bear the legal responsibility? In this regard, the legal profession has made it clear that Jia Yueting has pledged loan violation constitutes a breach of contract, should bear the liability for breach of contract to the listed company LETV, at the same time, the Commission may be recorded in integrity files.

Hairun Beijing law firm Zou Shengwu lawyer also believes that although Jia Yueting belongs to "because of the great change to perform" no promises, but he still owed investment LETV investors have a reasonable explanation, "this matter must be in respect of all the interests of investors especially based on the interests of minority shareholders let Jia Yueting give a statement.

focus on automotive industry Jia Yueting still persistent dream

but if Jia Yueting and I are not the property in domestic listed companies, even sued for breach of responsibility, it is difficult to achieve the purpose of litigation. According to Jia Yueting, he has invested 2 billion dollars in the entire car ecology as the music. War has always been a dream of Jia Yueting, is also considered the factor of the collapse of the entire music as the most important capital chain.

face interview, Jia Yueting said he is currently engaged in the R & D project FF, will be the future of electric vehicles on the project of personal income, priority debt, domestic debt must also end. But look at the sea bank capital founding partner Wang Yuquan still warned that in the current credit crisis, FF project financing difficulties: "first made a lot of money to the car. Now, no one even wants to buy FF shares, nobody has a connection, let alone N multiple money to achieve mass production. If no one buys, but not in production, the car is a dream, and how to repay the debt? "

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