"Bright lights" HD officially announced additional new elements landing PS4

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youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-11-14 22:51:20

Sega games announced, originally released in December 2014 PS3 game "bright ring" will add new elements of various landing PS4, HD game name is "bright" ring Refrain, scheduled for release in March 29, 2018.

the PS3 version in addition to the content will be added to the new "if" plot, game player can experience in the new mode of "Refrain mode".


in addition to the ordinary version of the cover version, this will be on sale around the limited edition luxury bundle "Premium Fan Box", the price is temporarily.

in the morning, "the official push light" series on twitter suddenly began to send some unknown, now perhaps suggesting that this made. "Bright" people is served by the sound of famous artist Tony, the following are some screenshots of the PS3 version of the game:

source: Fami

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