With iPhoneX less than half a month to sell paint shop: can not change

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sold less than half a month, iPhone X broke the green line following the problem, users have to reflect, iPhone X body easy to be scratched, and even body gray deep space appear Diaoqi phenomenon. In this regard, in November 14th, Beijing Youth Daily reporter visited in the physical shop to see, store iPhone X prototype, there are scratches and local paint off, but the shop staff explained that scraping and falling paint is caused by improper use, does not belong to aftermarket range.

in this regard, the legal profession, if it can be shown that consumers use is not inappropriate, because the problem in the manufacture of silver and dark gray empty IPhone X, then according to the "consumer protection law" the relevant provisions, consumers can ask the Apple Corp to perform replacement, repair and other obligations.

iPhone X bought 10 days "flower face"

recently, many newly purchased iPhone X netizen mobile phone frame own scratched and paint the situation, causing many users, especially the "powder" (Apple Corp electronics enthusiasts) attention. From the sun drying photos, you can see, silver iPhone X fuselage around a small scratch, and deep gray mobile phone charging hole around, local black paint was worn out, exposing the approximate silver body color. To be in the "scratch" and "paint", some fans have questioned on the matter of true and false.

11 14, the reporter contacted a "scratched door" Apple users Mr. lu. Mr. Lu's order information shows that he purchased 64GB iPhone X mobile phone, the amount of 8388 yuan, shipped in October 28th. In November 3rd, Mr. Lu got his new mobile phone. Before I got the cell phone, I bought the transparent soft shell of the silicone phone. After I got the cell phone, I had been using the mobile phone shell for 11 days. "

Mr. Lu told reporters," the day before yesterday (November 12th) removed the silicone shell, ready to wipe the phone. After taking off, see the border around there are some small scratches, wipe the soft cloth with the phone wipe, found that can not wipe off. You say this … … "Mr. Lu paused, and then he was very anxious about the situation."".

netizens questioned that the user himself deliberately scratched the fuselage, Lu denied this. "Such expensive mobile phones are usually kept with care, and they can avoid some sharp things like keys. The key problem is that the place where the flower is scratched is just outside the outside, which is the border part of the soft shell of the mobile phone. "Mr. Lu speculated that it might be inside the cell phone shell into some dirty things, scratched the border," but this speed, too fast. Mr. Xue, another

who bought a silver iPhone X mobile phone, also expressed the same confusion. "I bought the phone shell at the official website, after taking out, but also found a small scratches on the fuselage frame. With the customer service reflects, customer service pushed me to the direct store, the store staff said it was man-made damage, can not change. "

staff said that not within the range of

11 14 months, the reporter came to Chaoyang District Sanlitun Apple direct store. It's a business day, but the customers who come to experience iPhone X come in an endless stream.

reporter saw on the scene, wooden table placed several iPhone X prototype. The observation found that the four edges of the silver prototype had fine scratches, and the dark gray prototype had no obvious scratches, but near the charging port, the local paint dropping phenomenon could be seen, and the black body exposed the original color. But the deep space gray iPhone X prototype in the store, did not appear some netizens said that the large piece of paint off the situation.

to store iPhone X prototype scratches and local Diaoqi phenomenon, Sanlitun Zhiyingdian staff on-site reply reporter said, "iPhone X of the frame material, surgical grade stainless steel , but the improper habits will also appear off the paint. Because the charging port is erected, there will be impact, wear occurs when placed. The normal use of paint will rarely appear, and has not encountered complaints due to paint off.

in addition, Apple's official customer service staff told reporters, scratches, paint the general absence of force will not appear , "mobile phone metal parts have done coating, generally not easy to scratch or paint, but if the fall fell to the ground does appear scraping flowers, paint, floor after all than hard glass. But the machines are mass-produced, and we don't have to guarantee that there's no problem with each machine, one hundred percent. "The official customer service staff said," if there is quality problems, you can refund the goods free of charge. "

, but the staff in the store said," "scratch and paint is man-made damage, is not included in the aftermarket . "

" if the manufacturing problem should be fulfilled after sale duty

for iPhone X users to reflect, after the phone appeared scraping, paint off phenomenon, ask customer service to exchange rejected, Beijing Kangda lawyer affairs

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