Unity, Master Kong, please pay attention to! To the door of the Japanese rival

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1910-2007, you don't have heard of this name, but must have tasted his invention: instant noodles.

is regarded as one of the greatest inventions of the twentieth Century instant noodles came from 1958 to today, the world consumption has reached hundreds of billions of copies. In 1982, the Japanese food industry association also set up a memorial day for this kind of food. In addition to the invention of

instant noodles, Momofuku Ando and he founded the group also opened a Japanese Nissin food industry production date marked the beginning. In 1965, Nissin food on all goods are clearly marked with the date of manufacture, and before this, anywhere in the world still can not find that the date of manufacture of food. Later, this method was formulated as food hygiene law, and it was widely promoted in other commodities.

in November 14th, the main business in the market Chinese Nissin Food Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Nissin food) disclosed the documents listed in Hong Kong, are listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange. Use the IPO fund-raising direction of Nissin food is mainly in the mainland Chinese. This comes from Japanese rivals, have to master unified house!

photograph: visual Chinese (source: visual China)

quasi Nissin Food Exchange listed

Momofuku Ando as early as in 1948 founded the Japanese Nissin group in Hong Kong, then in 1958 invented the world's first instant noodles - "chicken soup Hand-Pulled Noodle". In 1984, the group established a Japanese Nissin food, and to carry out business China Nissin food as a stronghold of the Hongkong market, and then gradually to the mainland business Chinese radiation. At present, Nissin food has its "clear" and "demae Itcho", "noodles", "taste", "Fu" brand etc..

"Nissin food products part (source: Nissin food official website)

due to business and brand has long been China factors in the Hongkong market, the Hongkong market in 2016 Chinese, Nissin food market share reached 65.3% (calculated according to retail sales), far higher than other competitors in the market.

daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) reporter from the financial data of Nissin food products, revenue is relatively stable. From 2014 to 2016, 2 billion 536 million, 2 billion 629 million respectively, Nissin food revenue and $2 billion 630 million over the same period, adjusted net income were 171 million, 202 million and HK $198 million.

in fact, Nissin food to exchange listed in Hong Kong, the first Japanese Nissin group is not listed. The Japanese group has been listed on the Tokyo stock exchange, the company said its producers and sellers of instant noodles is the largest in the world. While the Japanese Nissin Nissin food group is the controlling shareholder of the business, but from the geographical point of view, mainly in the sale of Nissin food product market China, Nissin Japan group is the main business in other regional markets.

is mainly used for fund-raising Chinese mainland market

"convenience food industry market analysis report" shows that in 2016 China instant noodles sales fell 6.75%, this is the fourth consecutive year of decline, and in recent years by the impact of consumption upgrade, instant noodles are defined as "junk food" in the hearts of many people, has been reluctant to pay for it, so such as "instant noodles market has reached its peak and began to decline as" point of view of the market frequently.

however, according to Japanese media reports, the size of China's instant noodle market in 2016 was about 38 billion 500 million copies, reaching 7 times of japan. Although China's instant noodle market is gradually shrinking, but the total sales still occupy half of the world, and nearly two years of high-end instant noodle market continues to force, showing remarkable.

but in May of this year, said President Ando Hiroshiki in Zhejiang Pinghu Nissin food factory production ceremony, "Chinese is the potential market, to expand business center for high-end instant noodles. It also revealed the idea of producing and selling noodles and fried noodles priced at more than 5 yuan. Why is it more than 5 yuan? Because according to Frost & Sullivan information, quality is defined as the quality of instant noodles instant noodles, usually per cup / bowl / bag price more than HK $6 / 5 yuan. Although

and Nissin Nissin food brand has an international reputation, but in the Chinese mainland market competition is relatively backward.

according to the third party Consultant (Frost & Sullivan) data showed that in 2016 Chinese mainland, instant noodles market ranking (calculated according to retail sales) before three are master and jinmailang, unified, market share is respectively 46.5%, 17.8% and 9.9%, and the data of Nissin food is only 2.8%.


vision Chinese Nissin food also admitted that the main barriers to enter the mainland market is Chinese instant noodles sales network and customer relations, capital investment, production and technical barriers, bargaining power. It is hard for new entrants to succeed in these areas in the short run.

daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) reporter noted that the use of the direction of the Nissin food IPO fund-raising is the main Chinese in the mainland, such as upgrading and expansion in the mainland Chinese production plant and facilities; to further expand in the mainland Chinese Nissin food (especially in the West and north of the mainland China

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