Can't sell! The president's Mountain Resort hits thirty percent off. Nobody cares

Obama mansion Mountain Resort dollar

huanqiushibao· 2017-11-15 07:28:50

located in Martha vineyard, Massachusetts, is a beautiful, invincible sea view of the private manor. More strikingly, it was Obama, the former president of Mountain Resort! However, beyond all expectations is that "the president of property" label did not bring good luck (… …

" the estate listing in 2015, priced at $22 million 500 thousand (about 150 million yuan); after several times after the price, the current price is $17 million 750 thousand (about 117 million yuan), almost hit thirty percent off, but still No one shows any interest in. (from: 70)

Obama in the White House, in addition to several special year for re-election, almost every summer with his family to Martha vineyards in summer, enjoy the happiness of a family union in the secret of heaven. But the mansion doesn't belong to Obama, he's just renting it. (from: after 70)

mansion stands in the slope of tens of meters above sea level in the Atlantic, facing the sea, wide vision. (from: 70)

mansion has 6 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms; a barbecue, swimming pool, basketball courts, indoor fitness center, and a private beach and pier. (from: after 70)

if there are too many guests, there is an independent two bedroom cabin outside the main house, although the appearance is simple, but in comfortable and comfortable. (from: 70) behind the

house is a spacious lawn, Obama's dog was here to play and run, the president and daughter from here, ride to the forest adventure. (from: after 70)

hot weather, the Obama family like to swim in the pool, spend a leisurely afternoon. (from: after 70)

, before Obama, the owner never rented the mansion, just to accommodate the president and make exceptions. Now, the house that the president lived in is hard to sell, and I don't know what the owner thinks! (from: 70 after)

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