Quick evaluation | Inn brush single event, only two "unlucky"?

Lijiang exposure anti unfair competition law Foshan

xiandaikuaibao· 2017-11-15 07:29:07

Lichuan Modern Express chief commentator Wu to be strong sanctions against scalping in the event of "perpetrators", this is a must, but the supervision and punishment must place more and more in-depth. Punish the inn, manage the platform, this is ok. Of course, this is not what Lijiang can do.

CCTV exposure two Old Town of Lijiang Inn, due to the presence of brush single letter, write the praise, fry their bad free to delete and other acts of unfair competition in the business of meituan, Old Town of Lijiang district joint investigation group ordered to suspend business for rectification of false propaganda behavior, were sentenced to a fine of 200 thousand yuan. Can the event be over? Not yet!

a related news screenshot of the Inn

fined 200 thousand, rare in recent years. The local thunder fire, the determination of rectification, that is quite obvious. Of course, we have to see who the exposure is.

but the two inn is just the industry "xishuashua" family "representative".

Old Town of Lijiang many Inn operators confirmed to the media, electronic business platform brush only on the one hand, the current competitive ranking, extraction commission unfair competition behavior is even worse.

has three big problems in front of the brush, in the local is a kind of group behavior; second, brush single economy, also let the business platform earn; third, the merchant to the media mentioned: medical ads like a website, who give money, who is in the top of the booking platform. Is it true?

can ask: "group" brush list, only two inns were punished because of exposure, then how to do to other home? Electronic business platform from the scalping profit a lot, how to deal with? Competitive ranking suspected illegal, drill loopholes in the regulation, the platform what punishment should be punished?

problem is so prominent, widespread, if only two inns were punished, then they are not "unlucky eggs"?

two inn "out of place", caught, seemingly accidental, in fact, is the inevitable result of accumulation time. You are not in a single brush you don't bid you are silly recessive environment, bad money drives out good money, it is not surprising.

has more serious problems than the two hotels, which have not been touched. This is the reason why this event should not end. In fact,

, single brush and PPC, far more than the undercurrents in the travel services?

days ago, Shunde District of Foshan city court hearing with the occupation "speculation letter" case, a business platform for sellers Pengmou entrust yourself "brush" to court, ask for refund of their payment "brush". Finally, the court verdict Peng lost, but was entrusted to "brush" one side did not "fall good", the remaining 350 thousand yuan "brush a single" paragraph, was eventually admitted to the state ownership. The case of

reflects the "cross field" situation of brush scalping from one side. As for the PPC phenomenon, we can think of the Wei Zexi event. It is necessary for

to impose a strong sanction on the perpetrators in the scalping incident, but the supervision and punishment must be more in place and deeper. Punish the inn, manage the platform, this is ok. Of course, this is not what Lijiang can do.

earlier this month, the "Anti Unfair Competition Law for 24 years by the first repair. Keen on scalping and bidding rankings, is it the cold wind? Wait and see。 To be sure, to solve all of the aforementioned problems, the existing path, tricks, strength is not enough.

(edit Liu Wei)

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