The terrible Trump family: richer than you, and harder than you

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America, Trump commercial gene four generations, the more the more fortune, is rich. First, his grandfather, Trump, made an asset in the gold rush in the late nineteenth Century, and emigrated to the United States from Germany to complete the springboard.

's firm foothold in the United States, the second generation slowly carried forward the family. Trump's father, Fred Trump, loves to study architecture and build a real estate company with his grandfather's assets. In 1930s, the United States experienced a recession, many people go bankrupt, displaced. Fred Trump's company couldn't survive, and turned to supermarkets for a while.

Fred Trump couple

breathing a few years later, Fred Trump saw a lot of real estate sale on the market, and the savings acquisition, re entered the real estate industry. Caught in the economic downturn. President elect Roosevelt to support the implementation of the new deal, the public housing construction, improve the depression under the impact of ordinary people's living environment. He received funding from the government The early bird catches, the construction of civilian apartments and houses, gradually expand the size of the company.

tiger dad "bad governance" bear children

Fred Trump lived through the Great Depression of the children's requirements are very strict, constantly stressed the ambition, self-discipline and hard work. Among the five children, Trump ranks fourth, with an elder brother and two sisters in front, and a younger brother at the back.

Trump was born that year, the first year after World War ii. With his father, he was born with a silver spoon (from how much wealth, Trump's five child was born with a golden spoon, he just was born with a silver spoon).

childhood and youth trump, written on the face "money" - trump

fried on weekdays children requires strict, but not constrained Telangpu naughty. When the memories of his childhood, Trump had commented: "I look at the first grade when the appearance, I look at my face, I basically is the same person. In terms of temperament, there is no difference. Trump

"but in fact, it is a small bear hundred-percent child: fight, pull hair girl, bully junior students, the class teacher to mischief, threw the eraser … … on the point of being expelled from school. Father was furious and decided to send Trump to New York military academy outside the city. The New York military academy is different from the general private school. The students in it are mostly confined to their families, and they are sent to the military academy to be strictly supervised by their parents.

teenager Trump in the military (left two)

Trump head than children of the same age, a sports talent, also has a feisty character, it is adapt to the military academy education, great achievement improved, repeatedly commended. After graduating from high school, he first entered New York University, studying for two years, then transferred to the more famous Walton School of business at the University of Pennsylvania, attending university in the United States at the time of the real estate professional is not easy to find.

commercial wizards, cross-border real estate professional model

Trump side edge to help dad to do business, graduation, had already earned $200 thousand. He can be heir, but his father doesn't let him take over the family business, let him go to the world first, and give him one million dollars to start the fund.

1973, Trump and his father together, stand at the end of the project "development of the father Trump village" of an apartment building

Trump have greater ambition, also has a unique investment perspective and vision, the first step is to do business. His father never dare to enter Manhattan. Next, like a roller coaster, millions of dollars have been made over the years, and bankruptcy has happened in a few years. He failed at least four times in his business history, but he managed to make a comeback every time. Trump later said, "many friends went bankrupt, never seen them again.". But fortunately, I didn't choose their way. Because the most common feature I see in successful people is that they never give up. "

Trump works very hard. He sleeps only 4 a day

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