Millet acquisition of its Korean generation in the Samsung "backyard" landing

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diyicaijing· 2017-11-15 07:32:40

millet in Samsung "backyard" South Korean market landing a step forward.

first financial reporter learned exclusively, millet company recently acquired equity total area of South Korea on behalf of the company signed a memorandum of understanding on rice, and on the company (MOU).

according to the memorandum, both sides will be completed as soon as possible to discuss the details of the specific investment conditions, and some of you m equity in the company signed the equity transfer agreement (SPA); and you will also become millet company subsidiary, and became the territory of the Republic of Korea was included in the first millet business ecosystem.

according to the first financial reporter access to China and South Korea public information display, you company for Overseas Investment Corporation, its predecessor for the sale of millet mobile power brand in Korea LK company, founded in March 2015, and in Chinese also set up Nanjing you meters Electronic Technology Co. company, headquartered in the south from Seoul city of Gyeonggi Do Fuchuan 20Km in the city, and the 7 South Korean city to open the store and a customer service service center. According to the

display on the South Korean company publicity, the company capital is 510 million meters you won, 2016 sales of 17 billion 500 million won; the company mainly engaged in China and South Korea, the United States had personnel between South Korea and generation of online shopping logistics distribution service, WizExpress system and development in this period had reflected the real business platform of product data, then get millet the company of South Korea agency in 2014, sales of imports of mobile power.

until 2016, you upgrade to meters in South Korea's first millet total generation, and announced to enter the Korean market, set up customer service service center in South korea.

2016 in March, millet in Seoul public Lotte Hotel and trade enterprise "YOUMI" (woo M company) signed Korea total distribution contract, will be in charge of millet variety of products in Korea sales, millet officially declared to enter South korea. After the South Korean market millet products from South Korea domestic small and medium-sized enterprises and millet subsidiary signed a non exclusive sales contract or sales in the form of illegal circulation.

according to the contract, you are responsible for sales in South Korea rice millet ecological chain products including a variety of sports bracelet, mobile charger, No. nine, the balance of the car air purifier, scales, etc., but millet intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer, TV and routers and other 4 core products in the sales range.

" open cooperation after more than a year, millet and woo m cooperation become more closely. The recently signed a memorandum of understanding with millet do you M company official told the first financial reporter, you m in formally incorporated into the millet ecosystem, only in 2018, the plan launched in Korea nearly 80 of millet company Networking (IoT) products, and was built in Han Guogou, Home Furnishing intelligent artificial intelligence ecosystem ring, committed to working with South Korea Communications and technology cooperation.

in addition, the official also said that from the prior to the online wholesale and sales strategy, will offer more direct experience store, customer service service center in Korea, and to improve the millet products of the Korean interface experience, "we hope to seize the" price "and" innovation "to improve the two factors. Consumers' brand loyalty and brand image, also hope to be able to produce more" Rice noodles in South Korea. "

8 this month, millet has worked with woo signed trademark license contract m (TrademarkExclusiveLicenseContract), which you obtained the trademark use meters millet right in Korea for the exclusive; thereafter, the responsible person said" is with South Korea more than the top level science and technology enterprises to discuss cooperation, which is not limited to capital investment, including for technology and market co-operation; and will gradually expand in South Korea to join, cooperation network. "

and millet involved in the Korean market behind, millet mobile power is the leading product in Han Guangshou welcome.".

has long been known as "the tomb of foreign products" because of its unique market and the growth of its own brand". Whether it is WAL-MART, Carrefour and other commercial circulation enterprises; or HTC, SONY and other electronic brands; even Tesla, HSBC and other world-class enterprises, will eventually encounter Waterloo in South korea. According to statistics, South Korea

polymer battery industry association, 2015 South Korea's mobile power market size of about 470 billion won, the average annual rate of nearly 30% is still expanding, and the local industry forecast, this year the size of the market, with the popularity of smart mobile phone, and fast charging technology (Quick Charge) development, will also increase.

statistics also mentioned: millet mobile power has occupied nearly 80% of the Korean charging treasure market. Millet in Korea, has become a synonym for the mobile power".

and South Korean media also reported that, due to the popularity of millet, many Korean local brand charging treasure design is also affected by millet. In order to compete with millet 10000 Ma flagship charging treasure, South Korean manufacturers have launched more than 10000 Ma large capacity products, and design similar to millet. Korea University School of economics professor Li Guoxian

of South Korea told the first financial: "since, as millet mobile power in South Korea's hot, millet company that has become the focus of market attention in South Korea and millet products are from every act and every move; the day South Korea public, there are many Korean companies trying to contact with millet but there are individual.

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