This evening, listen to Princeton's pioneer education pioneer, talk about how children stand out in the STEM competition

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STEM education is widely popular in recent years, the field of STEM talent has been very popular. They not only by the famous University of all ages, after graduation also tends to become a leader in many branch enterprises. The most important

STEM education is the students' creative ability, which is often reflected in whether students can independently complete a branch project.

so many children are with their projects to the STEM branch events, in order to test the learning progress and the level of their own.

in fact, a STEM event itself is STEM education, because innovation project learning is a very important way to enhance students' literacy STEM.

in the course of the competition, the children can jump out in front of the programming, the hands of the project technology and knowledge, through teamwork, learning to test their knowledge and operation vulnerability.

whether it is the ability to solve practical problems in life, or the comprehensive use of interdisciplinary knowledge to face the unknown future, can be reflected in the process of children to participate in STEM events in. Not only that

, class STEM trophy, ready to apply for overseas schools for children, there is no doubt that a astepping-stone to success high gold content.

so, what are the main events of STEM? What kind of students can stand out in these competitions? How should parents cultivate children's STEM literacy?

" tonight, the famous pioneer of education at home and abroad, creating multiple branch contest judges Gu Shiyao will be based in the Bund, micro class studio, for everyone to answer these questions.

Gu graduated from Princeton University, is a training instructor China innovative curriculum education society certification, has led to the establishment of the Shanghai School of many innovative course.

Gu teacher counseling students many times in the National Youth Science and technology innovation contest won awards, also won the Google science challenge in the Asia Pacific region, China Think Big community influence the nomination of Harvard Chinese Dazhi challenge gold exchange.

as many overseas branch of the judges of the contest, Gu teacher will be in the micro course in detail to introduce Google challenge, FRC and other events, and they focus on students ability to test the difference.

then through practical case selection competition experience, discuss how to work, how can children have the characteristics of talent shows itself in the event. At the end of the micro class, Gu teacher will discuss with parents how to cultivate children's STEM literacy at ordinary times.

the Bund


micro class theme

from Princeton hit off the pioneer of Education: how

child talent shows itself in STEM tournament?

11 13 (

20:00- 21:00

Monday) speaker

Gu Shiyao

famous pioneer

creating education at home and abroad more than one branch contest judges

micro class watch

STEM in the end what are the main event? How do

students stand out in these events?

parents how to cultivate children's STEM literacy? Click the

the Bund < /p>

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