These feet are scary! Wang Ziwen weighs less than 80 pounds

Wang Ziwen Chen Hyuk Z

tanzi· 2017-11-15 08:11:05

Wang Ziwen, who is filming

, is still watching his weight. She took a picture on micro-blog, though he was blaming Chen Hyuk's tone, but he could still feel overjoyed, and she became thinner.

I glanced at Wang Ziwen said, 39.1 kg, less than 80 pounds, many women dream of weight. A lot of netizens have been watching the envy of the eyes, some people think that Wang Ziwen is a bit too light, but now paste autumn fat time.

Wang Ziwen put his thin, fell to pan chen. Not convinced Chen Chen, crazy Tucao Wang Ziwen, "do not lose weight, we can not cooperate with each other?" "Wang Ziwen replied a sentence of your normal three meals a day, Chen proposed plus a supper, also meizhe.

Wang Ziwen said the big truth, without dieting to lose weight, keep the normal rhythm, or do not eat fat. Chen Hyuk may not know, she said earlier, read the high school that day, eat four meals a day, but only to 85 pounds. The most fat time may be less than 90 pounds, quite pull hatred.

" as shown in the picture, at the age of 16 not at all.

" to see Wang Ziwen at the age of 20 when the old photos, chin pointed hat, a modified face, more thinner.

said that Wang Ziwen practiced yoga for so long, it is effective. In fact, yoga on weight loss is not good, familiar people know that yoga is more shaping.

" and Wang Ziwen has really been very thin, you think this is now 39.1 kg exaggerated? Look at 11 years, she weighs the record of time, only 37 kilograms, immediately below 70 jins is also exaggerated.

" has been so thin, so slender legs, people are worried that Wang Ziwen would fall down.

said by feet, the weight of Wang Ziwen shocked at the same time, a lot of netizens frightened her feet were also at the same time, the terror is not skinny, but purely ugly. The foot wide fat finger shape, also, the variant. Think again daily glamorous a little cool Wang Ziwen, more let a person feel surprise.

may be the reason why high-heeled shoes wear too much. Look at

Wang Ziwen's foot is like this, but it is very small, and the girl's hand is about the size of paper. She had been in her foot distress, the market rarely buy the right shoes.

", in order to have to wear many high-heeled shoes.

" when wearing high heels and blistering, drying out photos, watching is also very distressed, very not easy.

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