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fenghuangkeji· 2016-05-13 17:11:40

you want the truth he BianZhaoFa don't tell you < such as master Lei Yangfei Renmin University of China natural death. And these two days have scraper.

he went to the capital airport to pick up his relatives from his home, the result of lost contact. On the second day the families were told by police on suspicion of prostitution in the police, he brought to the police station on the way died of a heart attack.

this kind of thing on who who will not immediately believe. Various users in order to seek the truth, the name of the Lei Yang came out, the information has been released on the thunder, and even now we have to use the real name of the Lei yang. < p > thunder ocean events into the public events, points out the name back is understandable, but the following things is incredible. Because the police response is always in a statement he is how the prostitution of the social public opinion and their families no matter how many times about the truth of death.

asked to the key details of the time, in response to the law enforcement recorder is broken, and then questioned that thing so prison how may be bad, it is said that without the recorder is actually a mobile phone ah, the phone is broken. Then the district monitoring is also bad, the dead cell phone is also deleted information. The police said some people readily neat whoring, about how the death of evidence but secretive.

never even a person dies, do not tell you how to die, but continue to be repeated for prostitution.

even prostitutes can not know how to die?

you want to protect the privacy of his excitement to tell the whole world

just yesterday, also happened one thing. The effect is not so great, but it is very fine thinking. Ma, Ma, Li, Liu Qiang Dong, Wang Sicong's identity information, home address numbers, place of origin have been leaked.

said that if a person is the father of prostitution than he could never see the Father also big thing.

this time they are still the words, the image of tall home moral judgment.

in the blink of an eye, China most rich personal information to help people most right just to throw out. What is the moral of this leak?

leaked privacy is not limited to these people. Each of us may be in reselling personal information was leaked. At this time you find them, they generally say powerless, or even the tube is no matter.

this time leak information such an immoral thing has become irrelevant, and even their own in the play of the leak of information is not a matter of.

those with zhuapiao blackmail, they do not seem to have their own; bullying things, you are not allowed to say.

this moral only matches them. < p > there is no limit to the power, you can never guarantee < the actually reminds us that we live in a no rules or rules are arbitrarily violated the environment and your identity information may be leaked, you see a doctor may be Youyi set, you go to a restaurant, can eat to chemical drugs, even a has been particularly successful in the rich, you may also minutes caught. Maybe today is just a private privacy is exposed, tomorrow is your business is violated, the day after tomorrow is a threat may be your life.

Lei Yang incident, the privacy of the big brother is a case of the incident, it seems that there is a sporadic event, but falls in the individual, that is all. < p > you might say you are not going to or feet massage, but when you look at the Ma, national husband Wang Sicong, what's wrong with them, identity and family information were all exposed, you than he has status and security?

in fact, we need a rule to follow the rule of law environment. No matter is rich, successful, law-abiding and ordinary people, or breaking the security or law suspects, they can from fear and aggression.

so, pay attention to other victims, is concerned about our own, no one is an isolated island.

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