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tanzi· 2017-11-15 08:11:46

Liu Xiaoqing is more than 60 years, but still looks very young, and the young people have what difference 40. Liu Xiaoqing recently on micro-blog made a few pictures of my friends, said a bosom friend Tianya Zorpia, reunion and many years of friends, Liu Xiaoqing joy shows between the lines.

in the photo, Liu Xiaoqing wearing a red vest, hanging a big jade on the chest, hair meticulous in the back. It looks nice.

and Liu Xiaoqing for many years no friends very happy, after being apart a long time, few people together took a lot of photos. Although they are friends, Liu Xiaoqing is younger than his friends. It's not like an age group.

, although the photos took many, but Liu Xiaoqing is an expression, an angle, and even the face of the direction is the same. And the face is smooth, there is no fine lines.

" and even netizens pointed out that not only no wrinkles on Liu Xiaoqing's face, even her friends are also a wrinkle yet, very smooth, each person's skin condition is very good. Some people say they look weird, but the netizens who know the truth say it's because the grind is too much, so everybody doesn't have wrinkles.

" have to say the piercing eye really badly, at a glance which is why skin grinding. But in the face of Liu Xiaoqing in several photos of the same expression and action, netizens say that Liu Xiaoqing is false face. It's like wearing a mask, and it's weird to say that everyone is wearing too much leather.

" but Liu Xiaoqing used to have been friends a bit strange face said, it is because friends and party photos, although far feel Liu Xiaoqing is very young, youth and fashion, rolling yen value side of the students.

, but the angle is a little closer, the defects on Liu Xiaoqing's face suddenly appeared, and then netizens said, like the statue of the wax museum, very stiff.

" and the earlier period of time, to participate in the activities of the photo, without any treatment, Liu Xiaoqing's face burst was also bumpy, hairline is very strange.

don't know whether it's the headgear or not, and there's always a problem with hairline.

, more people do not dare to see, or at an award ceremony, Liu Xiaoqing because of the face and the net friend was scared.

, when we are still wondering whether this will be cosmetic sequelae?

" may be so many users of the evaluation, Liu Xiaoqing now dare not P it, send photos to rub the skin was made, and she led a group photo with friends are watching strange, ah, is the beauty of delay people do!

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Liu Xiaoqing with friends photo friends: face strange

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