Music, as employees said they were required at their own expense to buy music as a mobile phone

Mobile phones at their own expense employees Jingdong

jiemian· 2016-05-13 17:11:42

if in May 20, not according to the company for the purchase of depending on the phone, will require employees to donations for the company, the general manager level and above at least donations of 2000 yuan, 1000 yuan director level, under the level of director donated 500 yuan. In other words, the donation and the purchase of a mobile phone two election, in a disguised form requires employees to pay for the music as a mobile phone.

learned from the mail, the mandatory requirement to buy mobile phone is mainly to the requirements of the Department of music as a. Music as holding strategic planning and management department vice president and president office director Abulikemu & middot; Abulimit (hereinafter referred to as the amu), executive director of Roland Berger enterprise management, is the music, as the introduction of the first Uyghur executives. < / P > < p > amu / > is mainly responsible for the music, as the group global strategic planning and strategic management, promote strategic new business and strategic investment layout; with the human resources department collaborative is responsible for group organization structure design and organization performance management; responsible for the music, as the ecological cooperative operation system and cross business ecological synergy, music, as the group system construction and management of music, as the group informatization planning and construction. < p > the staff said that this year will be the Amu public speaking asked music staff are used depending on the phone, and few people raised their hands, he immediately said that is ecological marketing and customer operation center, senior vice president of Tan Shu didnt place, then forced employees to purchase depending on the phone.

this is the first time to force employees to buy, but also the way to donate money to buy. "A music as internal staff and reporters said that the advent of music as a super phone 1 last year, just to give the employee discount purchase price, but not compulsory purchase," in such a way that pyramid schemes and the like, first you, and further development of your relatives and buy.

currently forced to buy mainly for music as eco marketing center, the center under the advertising sales, marketing and public relations and other departments, the total number of nearly 400 people. But the staff said, strong selling should also occur in other departments. < p > to judge from the mail, music as a strategic Department - a move that first requiring employees to buy mobile phone, add digital music mobile phone sales; the second is the mandatory requirement for employees to use the phone, added boot activation volume; finally if you did not buy the phone, for contributions to the company to raise funds, a collection of financing, sales and boot volume etc. three purposes.

in addition to requiring employees to pay the bill, the music, as also used other promotional methods to sell music as a disguised mobile phone. May 6th, music, as the car's easy to launch a car hardware free day, recharge 1500 yuan to send 2 Mobile phone. < previously interface news also reported in January this year, music, as the mobile company had announced music as a super phone listed nearly a year of shipments reached 500 million units, and is expected to reach 25 million to 30 million units of capacity in 2016, is expected this year, sales of 1500 million mobile phones. But most of the

mobile phone is direct and operators, channel operators signed an underwriting agreement. In March and April this year, China Unicom, and China LETV has nearly 10 million Jingdong signed an underwriting agreement.

"LETV mobile phone in peibenzhuanyaohe. "A domestic mobile phone manufacturers insiders said that according to their estimates, depending on the phone with low price is sold to the average per phone prices below the cost of nearly 200 yuan about prices. On the side and the interface news reporter explanation, music, as the ultimate goal in music sales network video content, and hope that through the mobile phone terminal and a television terminal to cultivate more music of the contents of the user, to achieve the ultimate scale benefits.

but now it seems, this scale efficiency can not be like the music as the wish, it is really hard to say. Because at present, as the direct channel providers and music as a channel providers and music as employees, it is no wonder that you are still hard to see someone really in the use of music as a mobile phone.

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