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"super girl" starring Melissa Bano

"by Emily Beterichards Beijing on November 14th news Lvjian" became popular, according to foreign media reports, the film was involved in a sexual harassment scandal more and more celebrities, many well-known actress are exposed to sexual harassment behavior he had suffered, the film director Brett Ratner, George Harvey Weinstein, the famous comedian Louis C K have been involved in the scandal. The day before the hit TV show "super girl" (Supergirl) starring Melissa Bano (Melissa Benoist), issued a document to identify the drama producer Andrew Kressberg (Andrew Kreisberg) of sexual harassment in the tweet followed by "green arrow" (Arrow) and Emily Bate Richards (Emily Bett Rickards) support.

Melissa Benoist before the date of dispatch, in their exposure during the filming of "super girl" suffered sexual harassment. Although not naming names, but she said there should be a "super girl" a drama producer and screenwriter Andrew Kreis Berg.

Benoist said in the text: "this drama starring me support women's rights and equality, empowerment of women in the struggle for justice. I've been trying to make my behavior conform to this standard. Unfortunately, this drama and my own career have become part of the industry, and not always reflect these moral principles. It's sad, and occasionally it makes me helpless. I know I'm not the only one who has this feeling. But I'm an optimist, I believe that lasting change is possible, those who insulted people should have a safe platform, so that they can tell the truth, let everyone know the truth. When someone commits crimes and sexually harass people, they should always be responsible for them, no matter what industry they are in or what power they have. I've been making this sound before - in public or not so public - I'll continue to do that in the future. All of us should have no fear, no shame. We should all stick to higher standards. So this week I went back to the "super girl" filming, I will try harder to change all this, listen to the voices of others, refused to accept a security, respect people, collaborative work environment. "

Keleisiboge created the" green arrow "," flash "," magical girl "," legend "tomorrow and many other U.S. drama, is currently the American TV circle rose a strong momentum of TV producer. At present, he has been removed from the Warner television production department, and the corresponding investigation has been officially launched.

after Benoist issued "green arrow" actress Emily Bate Richards also sent a tweet. Richards said: "for those people, maintain sexual harassment, rape culture of evil, blind to complain about the" reverse discrimination "(reverse sexism) male, I feel that you are weak and accomplice. To those women who speak the truth, support each other, and try to gain the voice, I think you are heroes, and you can do it. "

Richards is not only in solidarity with the Benoist, and in front of her half of the sentence is likely to be in the" green arrow "accusing a drama showrunner Mark Guggenheim (Marc Guggenheim), the latter soon in social media voice, that should not be" painted "the male image all by Weinstein brush, he also said that is a kind of" reverse discrimination".

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