Britney, the painting sold for 10 thousand dollars. Did you take it?

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35 year old "Britney Spears" Blaney Spears, the two fire.

, she made a video on her personal social account earlier: wearing a T-shirt, she was on her balcony, listening to Mozart, painting gouache.

also said: "sometimes, just relax and play. "

" is such a picture of "playing out".

this flower works, in a charity auction in Las Vegas, sold 10 thousand U.S. dollars (about 66 thousand and 400 yuan) high price.

, a host named Robin Leach, took the picture "flower".

, but the auction caused a lot of turmoil. The social networking platform, users "just"

Public opinions are divergent., "my 5 year old daughter's paintings, is this level. The paintings like "

" sold for 10 thousand dollars? It's better to donate cash directly! "

" well, I can draw better with my toes. "

" is really expensive! "

… … … entertainment circle delay artists line … … …

Britney's painting is controversial, she did not expect to estimate all of her paintings, unable to agree on which is right.

but in fact, there are several gods in Europe and America performing arts circle, their works are widely spread, and the harvest is the praise of the same color.

John Lennon: graffiti homework sold 1 million 100 thousand yuan

John Lennon (John Lennon), not only a rock musician, poet, legendary singer, but also an artist, his paintings are collected in many parts of the world.

, Yoko Ono, in the preface to John Lennon's works of art, said, "John was first a painter.". He graduated from high school when he became a fan of music and was studying at the Liverpool Academy of fine arts. "

Lennon draws fast, takes an average of 3 minutes, and often gives his paintings away. Lennon painted for himself, for Yoko Ono painting, but also for the son Sean Lennon, painting is the son of deep love.

2006, a picture of this 12 year old Lennon, in London for 126 thousand and 500 pounds sold at auction (about 1 million 100 thousand yuan). There are only 10 pages in the picture. There are pens, pencils and water color paintings and poems, and Lennon is named "my anthology".

is part of his paintings "bird bath"

↓ &darr

"&darr &darr" fish eyes;

"&darr ↓" the cat climbed the tree;

"&darr &darr" in the frog line;

"dove home" ↓ ↓

Jonny Depp

"I like The faces of people, their eyes. Because you want to look for emotions, look at what's in their eyes. "

", this is Jonny Depp's interview with Vanity Fair in 2009, id_imagebox_15 said in his interview with Vanity Fair img_box. You think he's just an actor? In fact, he was the best guitarist in the world and the best painter in the guitar.

, when Lily-Rose was a little girl, Depp often painted with her, painted and found his talent. His self portrait was on the cover of the February 2000 issue of Studio. Depp often easily meets the signing requirements of fans, journalists and restaurant owners.

Depp's dog Mooh↓ ↓

"Edward and Burton and beloved worn-out shoes" ↓ &darr

"Tim Burton" ↓ ↓


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