Jia Yueting FF91 electric car road test: back rate explosion table

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suffered outside criticism, negative, but Jia Yueting making it all the way is very firm. The day before, Faraday Future (Faraday future) technology and project operation in the small micro-blog senior director @Xiao_ drying out test video FF91 electric car, triggering hot.

, he sent micro-blog said: " to a long-distance, to Santiago, the road back rate. Looking a little excited, I almost rubbed my car. You don't look cool, you judge yourself. "Then, Jia Yueting forwarded the micro-blog said:" sure, on the road. "

from the video point of view, on the road is a black FF91, coupe SUV modeling, plus through taillights, headlights, has a high degree of identification, looks very sharp, full of gas field.

recently, Faraday Future headquarters in the United States invited nearly a thousand employees and their families to visit the headquarters, workshop and office area and advance to celebrate Halloween, FF91 become the protagonist. At the CES 2017 exhibition in early

, Faraday officially released the first mass production electric vehicle FF91, 0-60 miles (96 kilometers), only 2.36 seconds, a charge life of 700 kilometers, support driverless and automatic parking.

official said, FF91 is a new species, it is a super car beyond the performance, better than the car handling, comparable to luxury MPV space and comfort, as well as the top SUV through FF of the world's first Internet eco electric vehicles.

according to the original plan, FF911 will be listed in 2018 delivery, wait and see .

Video: click here to watch

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Jia Yueting FF91 electric car road test: back rate explosion table

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