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huanqiuwangjunshi· 2017-11-15 09:21:15

" [Global Times special correspondent in Germany Aoki] "Europe Day!" the German "Der Spiegel" magazine 14 reported that the EU 13 on military cooperation agreement, 23 members will group defense alliance. The establishment of the defense alliance, or the weakening of the role of NATO led by the United states.

France, Germany, Italy and other 23 countries of the European Union's foreign and defense ministers in 13, the headquarters of the European Union signed a joint agreement, a permanent structural cooperation in the field of defense "(PESCO). Britain, Denmark, Portugal, Ireland and Malta are not among them. This cooperation framework aims to deepen the defense cooperation among EU member states. Radio France International said, according to the agreement, the EU should not only establish defense coordination mechanism, the establishment of the defense coordination mechanism, also need to set up a military entity, to weapons from military personnel, to logistics, as well as the EU's common military hospital in the EU defense cooperation agreement framework.

EU foreign and security policy high representative Mo Guerrini at a press conference to describe this agreement is a European defence development a "historic moment", and that did not sign the country in the future can also join. German defense minister von Ryan said that it is important to establish the EU's own defense cooperation framework. If there is a crisis in the EU's neighbors, the EU must be able to respond. Foreign minister Lud Leon also called it an important step".

EU defense will be more independent of the United states. "Austria news" believes that the continuous tension between the Atlantic relations is an important reason for the establishment of the defense alliance. President Trump has repeatedly criticized EU countries for too little military spending. At the same time, Britain is also one of the reasons for taking off europe. Britain has been opposed to the formation of the European Union forces".

many observers said that with the establishment of the European defense Union, the future role of NATO led by the United States may weaken. NATO and the European defense union could become rivals. In this regard, the European Union believes that NATO will always be responsible for the defense of the state and the alliance. The European defence alliance will combine civilian and military tasks, and they can complement each other.

Der Spiegel says the success of the defense alliance remains to be seen because it has many "stumbling blocks", such as money. There are differences between the two major countries, France and germany. Germany wants a coalition of more members. France advocates "small", so as not to make too much difference.

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