Lin update play Jedi survival by 77 people: if Wang Sicong was Kuangzhui game player is 78 people chase

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17173youxi· 2017-11-15 16:39:44

Hello, this is a serious game. I'm a real brother.

as one of the most popular annual game -- "survival" has many Jedi star game player, Lin update is one of them, often make a joke in the game recently to Lin update a Jedi marathon, 77 game player Kuangzhui, a real "chase" star on the stage "survival" in the jedi.

", a game player posted a video game player Kuangzhui Lin update is in "Jedi survival", saw Lin update run in front, followed by playing more and more small, the map is a "put Tomatoes on sticks." just play the battle of marathon lead.

was dogged the forest update not only running with the wind, but also swim in the river, the marathon has become a triathlon, carrying a pan Lin update ultimately failed to escape, and finally catch Shanglin updated "Zhuixing" game player is. A severely beaten, ending natural needless to say.

, id=, the players also made their own opinions on this issue. Little brother, I picked out some of the classic player comments

1, if Wang Sicong also in the game, that is 78 people chasing together.

2, I wanted to know who ate the chicken at last

3, this is really going to kill him directly Starchaser, palpitate on the line.

4, I don't understand, why do you want to chase Lin update? Did he steal someone's purse? Why are you crazy for him?

so here's the question: , how do they know this account is updated by Lin?

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