What happened to the more than 30 companies that were rushing back home two years ago?

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360 finally came back.

11 month 6 days, in the elevator company Jiangnan Jiajie asset reorganization briefing, Zhou Hongyi introduced the operation and development of production planning, industry Qihoo 360. Close to 16 minutes of the show, his eyes did not leave her in manuscript.

another 4 days ago, A shares listed on the Jiangnan Jiajie elevator company released 26 announcement, announced the issuance of shares to buy assets, 360 100% stake in the company. 360 so through buying into a A stock company, is currently awaiting the Commission approved.

calculates the approval time of the 3-6 months after the backdoor listing. It has been nearly three years since Zhou Hongyi released an internal letter announcing delisting, and it will be listed in the first half of next year.

Zhou Hongyi himself in the newly published autobiography as saying, "this is his occupation career and an uncertain gamble". The privatization of

360 is really expensive, not only three years, but also more than 27 billion of the funds and stocks are sold.

three years, a lot of things have changed. When

2015 delisting, Zhou Hongyi's reason is that the stock price is too low, "360, the current market value of 8 billion U.S. dollars, did not fully reflect the value of the company. "

plans, 360 will be 50 billion 400 million yuan backdoor listing, compared with delisting market capitalization of 64 billion 600 million yuan (9 billion 300 million U.S. dollars), but less than nearly 15 billion yuan.". According to the new stock market 10 trading practices, the market value of 360 will soon exceed the level of the previous delisting. But three years, 360 also missed the NASDAQ technology stocks soared.

360 delisting, the same period, micro-blog market value hovering around 5 billion 800 million U.S. dollars, far less than 360. Now more than two years have passed, micro-blog's market capitalization has more than doubled 4 times.

changes in china. The strategic emerging board, originally planned in 2016, decided not to launch it. If the new plate comes along, 360 does not need to be incorporated into an elevator company to come into the market.

and A shares are no longer in the frenzy of 2015. The Shanghai composite index is only about 6 of that time.

, like 360, has more than 30 companies rushing back home from the United states. Most of them don't catch up with both sides.

2015, the new version of the war and the stock market bubble as a new opportunity,

2014 in the United States listed Alibaba raised $21 billion 800 million, the market value of more than 23 billion U.S. dollars, has become the world's largest IPO.

but Alibaba couldn't be listed in China at that time, because its founder team members had more voting shares than their share. This is a common practice for Internet startups, protecting the shares of the founding team in a large amount of financing, as well as Facebook and Google in the United states. But China according to the provisions of the Commission, A shares in listed companies with same rights.

at the same time, A shares motherboard requires listed companies for three consecutive years of profit, almost all China Internet Corporation are stuck in the door.

is planning to launch a strategic emerging industry board in the same year that Alibaba went to the nyse.

" strategic emerging board began preparations in 2015, limits the type of enterprise, there are requirements for growth, but not as the same requirements of A shares on the main board to achieve profitability, and then waiting in the market.

Shanghai's chief economist Hu Ruyin said the release of strategic emerging board, one is too many big data, information security and other Internet Co have gone or plan to go to the overseas market, set up in order to avoid future occurrence of this, two shares return also has channel choice. Another factor in

is the stock market bubble. From the beginning of July 2014, the major indices are red plate. The year 2014, stock index rose up 52.87%, Shenzhen Component Index rose 35.61%, the gem rose 12.82%.

in 2015, everyone talked about the stock, the Shanghai Stock Exchange had more than one trillion transactions, resulting in the system burst table. Originally listed in the United States and not storm technology, in 2015 to A shares, the stock price soared from 7 yuan to the highest 327 yuan, earnings reached 1000 times. The market value of music also rose to 100 billion in May 2015.

this is considered to be a new opportunity.

previously, some Focus Media, the giant network in 2012 and 2014 from the United States after delisting, backdoor HEDY holding, century cruise were pulled out of the 7 and 20 trading board, in the domestic market capitalization doubled several times. In December

2015, the emerging strategy board disclosed the first batch of companies that met the standards, including 360 companies, including Iqiyi and 380. In the privatization scheme given by

360 at the end of 2015, it is clear that the listing of China's listed companies mainly considers the backdoor listing and the listing of the strategic emerging board.

according to Tencent science and technology reports, in the United States listed less than a year of unfamiliar street, in 2015 proposed privatization program, including the return, will be listed on the strategic emerging board or gem in 2017.

6 2015 in June announced the privatization of real estate companies in Chinese, the direct reason is that CEO Zhou Xin, Chinese capital market there is a certain temptation, and American investors in exchange for too long, not to be understood, leading to low valuation.

, and Iqiyi, which is going to be listed in the past two years, is actually the first to be listed on the strategic emerging board.

2016 February, Baidu announced that Robin Li, Iqiyi CEO Gong Yu will buy about 100% stake in Iqiyi.

Gong Yu's internal mail at that time,

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