India to offend Russia and the pit? The United States refused to transfer technology

India aircraft technology electromagnetic ejection

huanqiujunshi· 2016-04-17 14:13:38

Indian media said that India senior officials will visit Moscow and Beijing next week, these two countries for the United States and India approached the reaction cautious, India hopes to appease neighbors china. Although the U.S. Defense Secretary Carter strongly to the public propaganda of the US India cooperation is of great benefit, but India's defense minister parrikar is not how to face, he in a tone that "the truth is that this" said: the military cooperation between India and the United States does not mean that the U.S. troops will be stationed in the Indian territory. < p > Article said that India is very clear, and the United States approach will cause what kind of impact on India, an enraged Russia may refuse to provide for the three enemy nuclear technology, nuclear submarine crucial, Brahmos supersonic cruise missile, might not even to India lease Akula class nuclear submarine. According to the Swedish Stockholm International Peace Research Institute report, to February 2016, Russia is India's largest arms provide country, in 2011-2015, Russian weaponry occupy 70% of the total purchases in India, the United States accounted for only 14%. < could anger Russia at the same time, India and the United States in terms of technology transfer did not reach a consensus, it is U.S. participation in Indian fighter tender prerequisite, however the government has not approved India's requirements. The article said that India's hope from the United States to obtain technical benefits. But in the actual operation, the United States agreed only to low-end export the technology rather than the needs of the Indian revolutionary advanced technology, for example, the United States agreed to export miniature man-machine the primary technology, India is likely to simply do not need to also can not buy.

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