Su 35 deployed the empty 2 division? 8 fighters can deal with a small country

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junqingshiye· 2017-11-15 18:52:28

", according to Russian media reports, China's 2 Air Division has been equipped with 8 Su 35 fighters, and initially formed a combat capability. Although the number is not much, but 8 Su 35 have strong combat capability, combined with China's J-10 fighters 11B and fighters B/C, only a 2 air division can control at least one theater air supremacy, especially for some small countries, which has been called the air combat forces of the whole country. Even if it is positive, head-on, 8 Su 35 are enough to beat a group of ordinary fighters, the final 2 air division is likely to deploy 24 Sukhoi 35 fighter combat troops in China has become one of the most powerful air force, after deployment of F 20 fighter ace combat brigade.

35 is the best fighter Su strong enough to mount the ability and combat ability, in any case have a gun combat capability, Su 35 aircraft "Snow Leopard -E" phased array radar can detect 400 kilometers outside of the normal aircraft, stealth aircraft detection capability is more than 100 kilometers, the reason is not complicated, though Su 35 radars in the technology is not advanced enough, but the volume is to be much larger than ordinary radar, as a heavy fighter, Su 35 head weight can reach more than 1 tons. Although the J-10 on C radar is more advanced, but in the transmission power can be much weaker, which is a manifestation of the Russians vigorously miracle.

" in 60s on the development of 25 century MIG is so, although the technology is not advanced, but the MIG 25 powerful radar boot can even bake 150 meters away on the ground of the rabbit. Because of the excellent ability to mount, Su 35 can mount more than 10 pieces of missile combat missions, thanks to the oil in the Su 27 series aircraft and a strong take-off weight, its range can easily exceed 3000 kilometers, and has a combat radius of 1500 km or more, as the analogy, the United States F15 is only about 1200 kilometers. The delivery is completed in a medium range missile, the design of dynamic Su 35 strong body can make the thrust weight ratio and gas jets to combat its advantage, 2 117S engine capable of providing 29 tons of thrust, and the weight is only 35 Soviet air combat in about 22 tons, up to the central thrust weight ratio and liftbody configuration 1.4. 35 in the air and even dare to sue F22 bayonet, not to mention the called "fat power" of the F35, is not su 35 opponent.

" in the calculation of the Russian air force, combat efficiency is more than Su 35, Su 27 300% relative, the three generation fighters in the semi system, complete with challenge the ability of F35 in some F16, dealing with Southeast Asia Su 30, Su 35 is owned rolling of combat capability, the United States Air Force in the Gulf War, hundreds of aircraft requires only 4 F15D aircraft will be able to deal with the Iraqi air force, and 35 Soviet Combat Capability at least equivalent to the ultimate F15 improved F15SE, China can also use 4 Su 35 do this against the efforts, 8 Su 35 air force in other countries may fail to do this, but in support of Chinese Air Force combat system, Su 35 Ability is natural without saying much.

but on the other hand, our country needs most is not su - 35 fighter, but 20 fighters, but also slightly less than 20 fighters in the production situation, the use of Su 35 to fill the vacancy is very appropriate, at least for the Chinese air force, using fighter 11B and B/C is not against the United States and South Korea, the gradual deployment of F35 fighter.

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Su 35 deployed the empty 2 division? 8 fighters can deal with a small country

Su 35 deployed the empty 2 division? 8 fighters can deal with a small country


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