How beautiful the photographer to shoot by military exercises light troops against tanks

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hawk26jiangwutang· 2017-11-15 18:53:18

recently, Julie, a photographer of the miniature military model company, appeared again at the French army training ground.

" this is the fifth regiment of the French army combat exercises, Julie will shoot some soldiers and armored vehicle photos, as a design model on the material.

"LAV VBL light armored car panhard", with branches of camouflage, general reconnaissance. But the "Milan" anti tank missile on top of it is not vegetarian, the main battle tank is hit by it, and the side is destroyed.

in the gunner, using FN Mini meters guns replaced with retractable buttstock similar u.s.. He wore a new French helmet, with a common interface on the side.

Leclair main battle tank this time to play the enemy.

, and VBCI infantry chariot, such an enemy is powerful enough.

French army had to use circuitous tactics, and try to avoid confrontation with the "enemy".

, class=, id=, VBL, and armored vehicles are very maneuverable.

their strongest heavy equipment is AMX-10 wheeled assault gun, equipped with 105mm main gun, only penetrate the "enemy" main battle tank side armor.

can only use terrain to attack from the side, and then run quickly.

engineering vehicles are digging bunkers.

sniper is watching every move around carefully.

found the enemy, the machine gunner quickly covered the wounded retreat.

VAB armored vehicles are still the main force of the French transport vehicles.

, but this 4× 4 model, cross-country ability is much worse.

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