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Children growth grade one education

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last summer, niece attended the college entrance examination, the whole family to give her what a professional. I say girls are good teachers, or should they be taught in a normal school?.

when a lifetime teacher's brother waved his hand, well, just a student's parents go to school yesterday because the teacher scolded, dictation mistakes, the teacher made him a typo to write ten times, the teacher criticized the children in the group, said the homework is not serious, parents also have certain responsibilities. This is not

, parents angry, went to the school to the teacher said, preaching is not good children is the responsibility of the teacher, parents off what? Also, sent children to write so many times that the teacher was a typo in the children suffer, using this method to teach their children to blame!


is really, now the biggest problem of children's education: parents reluctant to manage, the teacher dare not manage, outsiders inconvenient tube.

I don't know what the parents who don't want the teacher to take care of their children think.

like last year a teacher friend and I said, her class a child is very naughty, a school bestowed in front of the play back, his let him to stand in front of a class, which can provoke a big trouble.

second days, the child's grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle all came, not to the school to give a statement. Schools are under pressure, it is to make an apology, and criticized, got utterly routed.

later, the student transferred to the class, nobody wanted to sit with him, so he sat himself in a row, and the teachers never dared to manage him.

is it really good for kids? The future will give answers.


last year during the winter vacation, I went to her parents, their teacher said: the next period of time, children will come to you, a winter vacation, if let go let children play, I guarantee the holidays back, his grades will be back, if the parents on the children, let them go according to the study plan, performance will at least stable, hope parents hard, children are children, their self-control is not so strong, we work together to foster good children.

teacher's words, that my eyes were dim with tears.

most of the time, some parents think that children to school, to the teacher, is the responsibility of the teacher, in fact, no matter how good the teacher, parents can not replace the position, not only educate children, teachers, parents is the most important thing in this life. The teacher is preaching tuition FAQ, parents are the child's life are affected. Children's good habits, good quality, good interest, good mentality, are all from the parents of the training.

my colleague, Yingying's son, from primary school to grade four, I basically witnessed his growth in recent years.

Yingying's son, when he was in grade one, had the problem of speaking and doing all kinds of small movements. He didn't have the patience to study, and the teacher couldn't listen. Of course, many children who have just entered the first grade are more or less have these small problems, the teacher every day in the parents say, which child how, what needs improvement, hope parents cooperate. At the beginning of school, training a good habit, will benefit him for life.

for teachers, these words, some parents indifferent, some parents will pay attention to, Yingying for the teacher's words, have always been on the heart, she communicates with the teacher every day with the child, the teacher will give her some suggestions.

slowly, Yingying son just into class, those small problems will be no longer, more and more attentively lectures. In his grade two,

was elected as a commissary in charge of studies. In recent years, Ying Ying son has been very good, all aspects of doing very well, these achievements, teachers and parents of cooperation, can not be done.

really, teachers and parents consistent attitude, will make children grow better, I am one of the beneficiaries.


I remember that in the fifth grade, the first semester mid-term exams, I was in class exam tenth. This result makes my teacher in charge of the class very angry, to know, I was her old man's proud disciples, originally thought the top three firmly, the result was smashed.

but the teacher know my strong self-esteem, or encouragement, and find my mother, my analysis of the causes of unsatisfactory results, finally agreed that I don't recite the text carefully, the teacher assigned homework to do to cope with trouble, and whether the parents will let things drift.

they reached an agreement, I have homework every night, the mother looked at the side, then check the situation I recite.

when I lived in the cottage, then no one day every family put the door locked, are locked before bedtime only. Under this kind of convenient condition, my teacher who is about 500 meters away from my home, is said to go to our house many times in the evening, through the window glass to see if I have done homework, mother has been staring at the side.

once, the teacher checked Recitation in the class, the whole class I was the only one without any mistakes to recite, the teacher proudly said: "you know why Su heart back."

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