Angie Chiu: advanced beauty, fearless wrinkles and years

Angie Chiu Hongkong grace goddess

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there is a lady in the north, peerless and independent. Gu Qingren City, again Gu Qingren country.

- Li Yannian "north wind"

if this poem in the "northern" into the "south", we will think of a qingchengqingguo woman?

: the first thing on my mind is her forever, "Bai Suzhen" - Angie Chiu.

Angie Chiu who uphold the unique Oriental woman beautiful, virtuous, gentle and kind-hearted.

in her body, with enthusiasm and quiet, are fascinating every twinkle and smile.

today is Angie Chiu's 63 birthday.

classical goddess has entered the years she was still on sixty years of age, but she was so tender, beautiful life!

, for women, "not old" is the ultimate dream.

, but relying on technology to maintain the beauty, less than the natural state of expression.

, a century beauty like Angie Chiu, has long turned beauty into habit, and elegance into everyday life.

she is not a legend, but more than a legend.

1954, November 15th, Angie Chiu was born in a merchant family.

she is the old four in her family, deeply loved by her parents.

Zhao Yazhi was beautiful at the age of 17, graduated from the Hong Kong Catholic College English zonta.

after graduation, went into an airline company to work, when everyone admired the stewardess.

, but soon Angie Chiu was tired of flying around.

so, in 1973, only 19 years old Angie Chiu resigned from the stewardess's work, participated in the first miss Hongkong.

in the game, she won the fourth prize, was also named "Miss photogenic".

, and so on, Angie Chiu entered the Hongkong entertainment circle. Although

was just a backstage worker, she was very serious and energetic.

, do everything in both hands, which is the good habit Angie Chiu trained from that time.

before the formal filming, Angie Chiu got a show host work, every day she carefully lines, drills, only for the stage without any errors.

until now, whether it is an interview, or on the program, she does not slack off, always maintain the best state.

, and because of their sweet looks, Angie Chiu got the role of an idol drama in 1976. "

" ride the wind and waves in Shi Shufeng.

is the role, opened the door of Angie Chiu into the film and television industry. After

, she participated in the comedy film "Michael Hui" this movie is just about the same, Hongkong at the time of the annual box office champion.

, and Johnwoo's "send money cold", Angie Chiu starred in the heroine Marie, pure and pleasant image of people deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. After

, after that, Angie Chiu has successively starred in a number of popular costume drama in id=.

looks because the classical costumes, so particularly lovable.

"The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" in both music.

in "Chu Liuxiang" gentle Su Rongrong.

can say, at the time of the Hongkong radio, Angie Chiu has the potential to do screen tyrants.

debut for a few years, has become one of the ten major red star in Hongkong, very appealing.

, and from 1978 to 1988, Angie Chiu has been rated as the best dream lover of Hongkong men.

" if Angie Chiu from Miss Hong Kong period to make first appearance, only in the Hongkong area of the audience favorite words.

so, in 1980 the "Shanghai", is an important symbol to make her popular on both sides of the Changjiang River.

(Feng Chengcheng and Xu Wenqiang)

until now, the tacit cooperation between the two people in the same year is still

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