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tengxunshuma· 2017-11-16 04:20:14

digital news Tencent (Rabbit) in the present all intelligent mobile phone market dull, suddenly an unexpected new member, that is Razer. Yes, the famous gaming peripherals brand began to "work", will own the core technology to the intelligent mobile phone market. But in this somewhat unimaginative Razer smartphone, we see something different.

"creating a game cell phone" is an exciting but contradictory goal, because the Android platform itself does not have too many top-level games. After all, Android is not as customizable as PC, although there are many innovative ideas in this field, such as Razer smartphone 120Hz refresh rate unique, but in the future a lot of competitors will continue to launch products with this characteristic.

if you know the smart phone market, then you know, now the full screen and glass body has become a trend, especially in the case of more expensive prices. And Razer smartphones and this trend is diametrically opposed to, in accordance with today's standards, the extremely low-key all metal shell and mainstream style misfits, but Xiaolong 835 processor and 8GB running memory, ensure that the performance of foolproof.

of course, taking into account its 699 U.S. dollars (about 4640 yuan) price, now in the era of 1000 dollars, you can also rely on relatively high cost performance to attract more users. So, as Razer's first smart phone, will there be a chance in the competitive market in the future? We spent a whole week looking for answers.

redesigned Nextbit Robin?

looks like Razer smartphones are bloated at first glance. Largely because it's equipped with a 5.7 inch 16:9 display, as well as a huge speaker grille, angular borders and a strong body, so that the phone looks like a beast.

, after Razer acquired Nextbit Ribon smart phone company, we see the design style similar to SONY Xperia XZ in this new product. But in the handle of the shell, unlike SONY feels so sharp, and this is mainly due to Razer smartphone curve edge design, and this is also an important part of the product design.

in addition, unlike SONY, the top and bottom borders of Razer smartphones are thicker, because there are two built-in stereo speakers that are not small enough, and have been certified by Dolby Atmos. There is an inconspicuous hole below the metal grille of the loudspeaker, which will not attract attention unless it is viewed at close range. Therefore, Razer smartphone can be said to be the best effect of the product, of course, not as good as HTC BoomSound, but at least the market leader.

in addition, Razer also has a complete authorization to free THX, so it can also provide better sound quality optimization on the USB-C interface. Of course, it doesn't have a 3.5 millimeter headphone interface itself, and it's a trend, but it doesn't make me feel good. Especially in the need to use DAC, often can use very inconvenient, once even from the socket fell down, almost delay major events.

" another noteworthy point is that, Razer intelligent mobile phone is not equipped with a headset, perhaps the company believes that the high-end game player has professional gaming headset, isn't it?

in the design of the button is also a place that people do not understand. When I first saw Razer smartphones, I found that the buttons on the left and right were very strange, including the power button, which was not the same as the traditional smartphone.

, there are a few questions you need to pay attention to. First of all, these buttons are relatively low, and we need to reuse them when we get used to higher button designs. Razer's design is designed to allow players to accidentally encounter the game. In the power button also integrated fingerprint identification function, this is a good note, once seen in the notebook. The problem is that although the fingerprint recognition function is very good, but as a physical button is not qualified, because this led to no tactile feedback mechanism, the success of recognition without any hint of change, so it is easy to miss.

, there's another reason, but it needs to be noticed. That is, in the dark environment, we often can not see the appearance of this phone, so it is always confused, upside down, often easy to take down, and then press the wrong button. Even so, I'm very happy that Razer doesn't Design fingerprint sensors like the Samsung Galaxy S8 on the back. So that the whole back of the design more concise unity.

at the top and bottom of the antenna, neatly integrated into the back of the fuselage. At the same time, we know that Razer intends to use a low-key black color, and no other bright colors, is to want such a sense of wholeness. But it's the same thing
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