China Mobile telecom services merged with CTT

China Mobile Guangdong WeChat public number

ITzhijia· 2017-11-16 04:20:30

On the

15 day, the official WeChat public number of a number of Tietong business offices in Guangdong was released, and the news that the telecom business will move to China Mobile, the business migration began in November 1st this year.

" after China Mobile Telecom merger, China Mobile Guangdong Co. Ltd. business outlets, online business and other channels to provide a variety of telecommunications services to customers, users transfer the call transfer function are set up, the need to re set the customer according to the original way, call for the reunification of 10086. Users can consult relevant business on 10086 official website. In, China Mobile formally acquired China Tietong, became a wholly-owned subsidiary, but in the telecommunications business and brand are independent operations. On the evening of November 27, 2015, China Mobile announced that the China Tietong about 30000000000 acquisition of China Tietong Group Co., Ltd. assets and services.

after the merger of the telecommunications business, telecommunications logo in Guangdong area of Tietong may really become history.

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China Mobile telecom services merged with CTT

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