The people's Liberation Army voyage formation track map exposure, 600 years ago with a fleet of spirit

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in April 23rd this year, the 052C missile destroyer ship Changchun (150), 054A type missile frigate Jingzhou ship (532) and type 903A offshore supply ships Chaohu ship (890) composed of Chinese Navy voyage visit from Shanghai Huangpu River formation, set sail, a friendly visit to a period of 176 days of the 20 countries in Asia Europe and Africa, a total of 31419 sea voyage. By October 15th, the fleet would complete all the missions and return to the port of departure.

recently, CCTV "military documentary" exposed the complete track of the Chinese Navy's long voyage formation: 4 days across the equator, through the 26 international Strait waterway, across 115 longitude, across 49 latitudes, tracks across two oceans, successfully visited the three continents, 176 continents.

"military documentary" broadcast Navy cruise formation complete track map.

is this track map deja vu, does it always feel like "new"? You probably don't feel wrong! We stretch our eyes and look back at the Chinese history of hundreds of years, and we will find that there is indeed a larger fleet, sailing about on a similar route more than 600 years ago.

from 1405 to 1433, Emperor Zheng He of the Ming Dynasty led a fleet of ships with a maximum of more than 240 ships and more than 2.7 people, seven voyages to the west. This is the largest sea fleet from Chinese native of Malacca in the South China Sea across the Arabia Strait, the sea, India ocean. Now known as far east Africa, the Red Sea, and even America (doubtful) … &hellip

Zheng Road map. Pictures come from web search, only for signals.

has crossed the course of 600 years. The coincidence of the tracks of the two Chinese Oceangoing fleets is coincidence or … &hellip? Coincidence?

can only say that for China's former continental powers, today's land and sea powers, the major development interests may have been in the Western Ocean, it has its own. The difference between

and history today lies in the fact that Zheng's voyages to the West did not bring substantial benefits to the country's trade and the improvement of people's living standards. The voyage of the Chinese navy to visit the formation not only deepened the friendly exchanges between China and the countries along the coast, but also demonstrated the ability and confidence of the people's navy to safeguard the peace, development and stability of the region. Such a long voyage is a great promotion and strong protection for China's development interests, enterprise contacts and import and export trade in the India ocean and even the mediterranean.

naval voyage visit formation, the first sea Replenishment in the ocean.

looks at the countries and regions that have visited and visited the navy fleet, and will find that there is not only a more intensive and larger investment area for Chinese enterprises, but also an important import area for important materials, such as oil, mineral and raw materials. That is to say, the "one in one" in the development interests, for our country, the key areas are mostly concentrated in these countries and regions around the route.

and most of the countries and regions along the route map are developing countries and regions. China has strengthened exchanges and close cooperation with other countries, including less developed countries including the United states. Even along the Mediterranean route, Italy, Greece, Portugal and other countries have been in close contact with our tradition.

naval voyage mission formation arrived in Greece for friendly visit.

so, if you insist that the Chinese Navy's long voyage mission formation coincides with the track of the Zheng fleet 600 years ago, it is more likely to be coincident with the geographical concept. The difference is that the Zheng fleet of that year inadvertently left the imprint of the Chinese in the area along the line, opened the trade and cultural exchanges between China and other regions along the line.

is also due to this end, then contact Chinese and west to the area along the ocean gradually deepened, until modern, until today, after hundreds of years of days and months multiplying the development, the interests of our country's important direction in the Malacca Strait West of India ocean, the Mediterranean coast of the consensus.

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