This sea view room, like "castle in the air", is expected to break the most expensive record

Sea view Australia Z

xiangjiaoguoji· 2017-11-16 08:28:46

" according to the Australian 9News website reported on November 15th, the Gold Coast in Australia (Burleigh Heads), the angle, there is a three layer of "castles in the air is quite conspicuous, the house built in the hills from afar as if floating in the air. Because it is located in the coastal suburbs, but also has unparalleled sea view.

this amazing "castle in the air" has been sold on the market, immediately became the focus, it is expected to break the region's highest sales record. When the house was built earlier this year, its unique design was interesting to many people, and it was unbelievable.

now the house is sold in the form of a letter of intent and requires no price to be disclosed. Records show that in 2016, the highest angle area house sale price was $4 million 750 thousand (about 31 million 500 thousand yuan), expected the price will be in the "castles in the air" on the record.

house is Paul Uhlmann, and its builder is Nick McDonald. From the exterior, the house uses a box like structure. The interior is filled with wood, and the ceiling is tilted. It not only has a good lighting effect, but also protects the privacy of the individual.

house, a total of three layers, the first layer is a guest bedroom and a multimedia room, the second layer is the living room and dining room, third floor has a large master suite includes an independent, open the bathroom.

house also has a private lounge with a fireplace, and a swimming pool that is located in indoor and outdoor living areas.

is the bathroom of the house, and the bathtub is on the open balcony.

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