More than 20 cases of infectious diseases were diagnosed in a middle school in Hunan

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recently, the netizen told reporters reflect, fourth Hunan city of Yiyang province Taojiang County group of pulmonary tuberculosis, the students said there are more than fifty people diagnosed. BYD reporter on the matter to understand the Taojiang CDC, a staff member said that after screening, the school found that more than 30 cases of suspected cases of tuberculosis, of which more than 20 cases have been confirmed.

a part students illness proved

Chen Lihua (a pseudonym) is the school of liberal arts students in class 364 class students, according to her, this summer, the teacher asked the three students out of the conversation, the students know the class people suffering from tuberculosis. In August 10th, the fourth class of Taojiang County 364 class students did a blood test, found 7 people suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis. Subsequently, in the parents' request, in August 19th began to have parents take their children to hospital inspection, and found someone infected with pulmonary tuberculosis. Two months after the diagnosis, Taojiang fourth again diagnosed students to do CT review.

Zhang Qingyi (alias) is also class 364 students, according to her introduction, after the first batch of students diagnosed, the school took disinfection measures, confirmed infectious students have dropped out at home. Because they are preparing for the college entrance examination, the school has opened distance education for these students. A confirmed student parents told Beiqing Bao reporter, in November 7th, Taojiang four organizations have been in class 364 class check, and found 14 cases confirmed cases.

for this outbreak of tuberculosis outbreak, Beiqing Bao reporter to the identity of the parents of students consulted the Taojiang County cdc. A staff member said, from August to September period, they all students in the fourth school conducted a screening, a total of 30 cases were found in the epidemic, of which more than 20 cases were eventually diagnosed. The staff told reporters that in July, there were patients coming to see the doctor, but they hid their identity. Doctors in the CDC received several patients and found that they were all students and came from the same school. Department of tuberculosis control center


Taojiang County disease ward photos of a staff member said that TB infection at any time after the relatively long incubation period, the disease may be, so for a long time there will be some new cases. They do not have the same disease as normal people, only after the onset of the disease can be checked out. The staff said that up to now, the local disease control and school organized a total of five screening, second screening and found a few cases, after screening may also be found.

(source: Beijing Youth Daily)

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