Jia Nailiang leaned on Song Zhongji's shoulder. My wife loves you.

Jia Nailiang shoulders wife love you.

wangyiyule· 2016-05-13 18:52:52

the song Joong ki today (May 13) took the lead in Beijing held "Asia Tour fan meeting" conference, the conference only invited part of the media and the organizers guest in, but many song joongki fans early on the plugging of the hotel, caught in the fans and take you to enter the formal media places "cattle, but the conference site security level strictly, nearly 40 1 meter 8 security early blockade around the conference venue and media guests need through the invitation message certificate, work units to verify, ID verification triple level in order to successfully enter the conference venue. But still stop cattle LAN card shuttle in the crowd of fans selling, it is understood a media credentials 2000, but there are still many crazy fans around the left and right bargaining and a desire to play. < / P > < p > Song Joong ki / > Asia Tour fan meeting conference to "the descendants of the sun" drama "Liu Shizhen," the captain a streamline video opening, the organizers said the Asian tour will meet the sponsorship price of millions of high prices, in the meeting will fans can and song Joong Ki for up to two hours together time, and there will be more close interaction link, song Joong ki also said there will be a special surprise gave the fans in Beijing, will be open to the public inside cell phone never publicly photos, in addition, song Joong ki will at the meeting will be singing "the descendants of the sun" theme song "always".

song Zhong Zan point Jianlou king Wong Cho Lam Chinese boast its awesome Song Joong Ki a blue suit appeared recently is hard Chinese Obama also use standard Chinese as the presence of the media and greet guests. Recently, Song Zhongji participated in the recording of Chinese variety shows, was asked to participate in the Chinese variety show how to feel? Song Joong ki praised that the host is very humor: my Chinese is not very good, they are to take care of me, you very happy, the next opportunity to participate in.

in addition, Song Joong Ki also mentioned "Jianlou king" Wong Cho Lam and Du Haitao: during the filming of running man when Wong Cho Lam was quite awesome, recording happy camp was set or awesome (here to remind fans sister, awesome Europe is said Chinese Barco).

Jia Nailiang Song Joong Ki shoulder for Li Xiaolu nestled confession: after my wife loves you "

sun seed", girls in the "Liu Shizhen" man's poison, one can open military aircraft, handheld AK47 to pick you man, a car hanging on the edge of the cliff, you can bare hands pull back from the dead man … … Liu Shizhen because the role has become hot, Song Joong Ki girls "Aphrodisiac", the conference will Song Joong Ki every act and every move provoked the crowd screaming fans sister, even Jia Nailiang could not help but to caress the national husband Song Joong Ki photo was nestled in the hands, Obama shoulders, down when not forget to Obama confession: love you, I love you wife! < p > however, "the descendants of the sun" and is not the most satisfactory works in Song Joong ki opinion: I cannot be said is the most satisfactory, because each of my works are very satisfied, each work is satisfactory and unsatisfactory place. But the queen mother is me very memorable works. As an actor, it is impossible to have no burden on his works. To reduce this burden, I also have their own way, is to find a better work to return everyone, so there is no great pressure. < p > appreciate Wong Kar Wai song Joong ki: hope can cooperate with Chinese director < the sun's descendants, his partner Song Hye Kyo recently shot a lot of Chinese movies, asked have not considered, director of China's cooperation, song Joong ki excited recommendation: if there is a suitable for my work, hope Chinese director to contact me. Song Joong ki added, "debut when he wanted to and foreign staff together, now, there are so many opportunities, hope to can and China director, together with the cooperation, this also from the song heard the lot on director Wong Kar Wai, the admire him, so I would like to and his partner. < subsequently, asked after working arrangements, song Joong ki travel notice already lined up, after two months of the end of the tour of Asia fan meeting, began filming warships to the island: "probably will take six months, to be released next year. This year I will be touring and making movies, and I'm looking forward to it. "< / P > < p > Song Joong ki / > turned out to be pieces of cargo: very like eating Beijing roast duck < Conference near the end, in order to make the song Joong KI on the tour cities have a preliminary understanding, the organizers specially prepared eight with regional representatives send him a gift: on behalf of the Beijing opera types of facial makeup in operas, in Wuhan, the Yellow Crane Tower ornaments on behalf of, on behalf of the Guangzhou Guangzhou tower ornaments, on behalf of the Shenzhen Dapeng wings decoration, on behalf of the Shanghai Urban handicraft fan. Hongkong city crystal ornaments, on behalf of the Chengdu panda doll, on behalf of the Taipei 101 building decoration. < p > Asia Tour fan meeting song Joong ki will go to eight cities in China and asked how did not want to go to the place and most want to eat the local characteristics, song Joong ki a pair stay Meng cargo Acacia: than where to go and where I still want to eat delicious, Beijing, I most want to eat Beijing roast duck, and tofu & hellip; & hellip; I used to travel in China, but the eight cities in and I've never been to the place, I feel very lucky is also looking forward to. < it is reported that on May 14, Beijing fans meeting, fans will be able to and song Joong ki a two-hour gathering time, and there will be much closer interactions link, can fully meet the fans with the idol close contact wish.

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