Sheenah has to do fashion design again. Do you remember Huan?

Sheenah micro-blog Iqiyi Li Bingbing

tanzi· 2017-11-16 09:42:29

Xie Nazhen is fully deserve the cross queen, acting singing host participate in the reality show, everything has her figure. It's really energetic, and the model worker is a model.

thought she was pregnant now finally came to rest, the people micro-blog announced to create his own clothing brand, it is not idle.

her brand is called "Na", the English name is NAYOUNG. She is not alone surgeon, and NUI-CLASS joint brand. He also applied for official micro-blog for the brand.

Su mang also forwarded a like official micro micro-blog, welcome Sheenah into the fashion world, personally for the Na like hit the internet.

, it seems that Sheenah is very serious to do things. Although the name of the sample is more grounded, it is not up to some people can not understand the English words. But from the poster, the whole brand style still takes the atmosphere simple route, caters to the current popular frigidity.

" brand logo also simple atmosphere, is to "n" and "a" two letters melted together. A total of three versions, and finally chose the black and white.

Sheenah long before may be in the idea of the project, as early as in the 14 years she attended the Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts majoring in fashion design bibased works conference. Speech reveals the love of design.

did not expect that in March this year, her dream came true, and received a full scholarship of Moss Design Institute in Italy. Really ran abroad to learn the design, chic ah.

followed the teacher to learn drawing, playing the plate, and also one to one personally guide, really is star treatment.

so that she unlocked a new skill. Now apply what you have learned and create your own clothing brand. And the opening of the first show in Shanghai next week. Can only say, fierce my sister!

actually, this isn't her first venture. She also had a tide card called HUANXING huan.

" which will be followed by international pop, is actually quite spicy eyes. I can see that I'm trying to play the heart of the tide, but I'm really sorry that I've gone so far as to become the mainstream of the countryside.

" in addition to the design exaggerated, pricing is not very reasonable. Such a hat sells for 158, and I certainly will not sell it. (in fact, the key is ugly)

" so even if she pulled the whole family happy to do endorsements, "img_box

Li Bingbing holding a recommendation, finally is not back.

Huan finally had to face the fate of bankruptcy, but still responsible. Send a letter to the official brand "Huan type fan" is the letter from start to finish.

looked at Sheenah's two brands, can only say that the good guys are constantly improving.

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