Meizu luminous data line release: bring flashlight at night"

Meizu ZA

PingWestpinwan· 2017-11-16 13:54:27

recently, Meizu launched a luminous data line, convenient for users at night can quickly find mobile phone charging port, the price is 59 yuan.

Meizu luminous data line has Type-C, Micro USB two kinds of joint optional, at the top of the joint has white LED lamp, power can be lit.

has a length of 1m, and the surface of the wire core is treated with tin plated copper, which is not easy to oxidize and prolongs the service life effectively. Joint Aluminum Alloy precision CNC machining, prevent scratch, matte surface, comfortable plug. Round body design plus nylon braid, anti winding and tensile resistance.

the data line uses USB 2 interface to support maximum 3A current charging. price, Type-C, Micro USB were 69 yuan and 59 yuan.

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