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youxiputao· 2017-11-16 18:13:02

in the game circle, many people feel that the game is good, only reaction speed, hand speed and operating proficiency and other factors, but do not know when you play the game has found a lot of "pig teammates"? Now the latest research, in addition to the above, the game is good, really and IQ (IQ) related.

" according to a paper published in the "PLOS ONE" on the game player in MOBA games, Dan is a positive correlation between IQ and. The researchers said that the cognitive resources needed in the LOL and DOTA of this kind of game, in fact, and fluid intelligence (fluid intelligence) cognitive resources needed in the test is very consistent, which means to be able to master this kind of game represents the level of personal Raw IQ.

" and the relative importance of IQ, occupied in the FPS game is nothing compared to the reaction speed and hand eye coordination, because with the increase of age, reaction speed and hand eye coordination will decline rapidly, so the game such as CS the occupation players often peak shorter, while the LOL and DOTA of the game, more than 25 year old is not uncommon.

but you also don't think the lower grades are low IQ game player, after all the skilled operation importance of MOBA games in no way inferior to iq.

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